125/87 Painted Galvanised Gutters & Downpipes

 The RoofArt Scandic Painted Prelaq System

Protecting your property is certain to be on the list of your top priorities, and one of the main things that it needs to be protected from is something that we see regularly – rainfall. Luckily, our painted black and grey steel gutters and downpipes are the ideal products to suit your needs, and to make sure that your property is fully protected.

Made from an attractive and durable material, the easy-to-install product means that you will be safe in the knowledge that you are protected against rain damage. This investment means that you will be able to avoid paying money to repair damage caused by the rain in the future.
The easy installation of elements and the attractive design shows that the SCANDIC steel gutter system is more than a quality product, it’s an element of design, a piece of art.

RoofArt Scadic Prelaq finish comes with a manufacturers guarantee of 15 years

  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Available in black or grey.
  • Simple and quick installation.
  • Increased resistance of colour and glow to high/low temperatures.
  • A wide range of uses - from residential to commercial.
  • High resistance components due to the use of rigid elements.
  • Perfect hermetically sealed due to gaskets.
  • Minimum operating Term - 50 years.
Painted Galvanised Steel Guttering System