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22mm Stitcher Drillscrew with Moulded Head - White

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Technical Specifications

  • Material - Galvanised with plastic moulded head
  • Colour - White
  • Length - 22mm
  • Head - 11mm Bi Hex moulded head
  • Washer 16mm dia
  • Capability - Fixing sheet to sheet / flashings to sheet
  • Screw Diameter - 6.3mm
  • 22mm Stitcher Screw with a White 11mm Bi Hex Colour Coated Head
  • A sheet to sheet stitching screw is the most commonly used screw within the roofing and cladding industry. Used to fix metal sheet to metal sheet on either side overlaps or when securing flashings to the sheeting.
  • A stitcher screw is not a main fixing and therefor does not need to drill through into a sub frame.
  • Unlike the main fixings, a sittcher screw fixes The Sheets or Flashings to the CROWN of the profile.
  • We also have this screw available in Goosewing Grey, Olive Green, Juniper Green, Merlin Grey, White and Poppy Red.
  • Southern Sheeting also supply other fixings such as drillscrews into Timber, Light Section Steel, Heavy Duty Steel.
  • 11mm Colour Moulded Head to protect the screw head
  • Fixes sheet to sheet on crown overlap or Flashing to crown of sheet.
  • Self Tapping – No need to pre-drill

What is a stitcher Drillscrew?
 A stitchers drillscrew is a short screw designed to fix metal to metal, this is typically where sheets overlap to ‘stich’ the two sheets together or to fix Steel flashings onto a steel sheet.

What is a moulded head?
Unlike other tec screws, this fixing has a Plastic moulded Head which will match the colour of your roof or cladding sheet, whilst being aesthetically pleasing, this also protects the head of the screw and increases the life expectancy.

What material are they made of?
These Screws are made of galvanised steel.

What are these used for?
Stitching the overlap join between sheets and fitting flashings and other accessories to the crown of a sheet.

Where are these screws fixed?
These screws are designed to be fitted into the crown of a profile.

Do I need anything else?
If you haven’t fitted these before, you will most likely need to purchase and 11mm Bi Hex socket to fix them with, we also supply this.

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