Trex Composite Decking Vs Wood Decking

Tuesday 17th August 2021

For many years, timber has been the traditional material for decking in the UK. More and more people are now turning to Trex® composite decking as an alternative due to its eco-friendly design, low maintenance and long life span. Below we will lay out all the aspects of Trex® which make it an excellent choice in decking material for your garden and home.


Whilst timber decking is cheaper than Trex® composite decking in terms of the initial outlay, this saving is lost over the years to the cost of maintainance, which will also take up significant time.

Timber decking needs a lot of maintenance to ensure it is kept in shape and looking good. The deck will need yearly treatments of sealent or varnish to keep it watertight. You will also need to regularly stain or paint your deck as timber will fade over time. Finally Timber decking must  be treated regularly to stop rotting/mould growth. Consequently the costs start to add up over the years, especially if you are hiring someone to do the work for you.

Trex® composite decking on the other hand is very low maintenance and never needs sanding down, sealing, staining or painting. Trex® never fades or stains and is fully mould resistant.


Wooden decking (depending on the type of wood used) usually has a life span of 10-15 years. Trex® composite decking is guaranteed for 25 years in residential use and in most cases will last much longer.

Trex® is the only decking that will look just as good throughout its lifespan as it does when newly installed.

Environmental Factors

Most timber is sourced from sustainable forests. However Trex® Composite is made from 95% recycled materials and has never felled a single tree in making its decking.

In fact, Trex® is one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the USA. A standard 46m² deck contains upward of 140,000 plastic bags. This, along with the local reclaimed wood from timber mills, means Trex ensures almost 182,000 tonnes of material are recycled rather than sent to landfill.

Furthermore, Trex® decking doesn’t need harsh chemicals or detergents to clean or protect against mould/rot. Meaning there is no danger of any runoff creating an imbalance in your garden’s ecosystem.


Trex is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It comes in  6 colours for the realistic wood-grain effect Transcend® Range and 2 colours in the Contour® Range.
Trex® decking does not fade, nor does it stain.  Furthermore, Trex® is scratch resistant meaning you won’t have any scrapes or scratches from moving furniture or other items across your deck. This means your deck will look as good in 25 years as it will when you first install it.

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