RoofArt - Galvanised Steel Guttering

Wednesday 28th July 2021

RoofArt - Galvanised Metal Guttering

Did you know?

  • RoofArt Galvanised guttering has a lifespan of 50+ year's life expectancy
  • Extremely durable, strong and will not go brittle like PVC
  • There is minimal thermal expansion & contraction with RoofArt galvanised steel guttering
  • Colour coated material is extremely UV resistant
  • A fully recyclable product
  • Nationwide delivery on all RoofArt products
  • Kerb appeal – Stylish design!

Common Misconceptions:

  • Expensive – It is surprisingly good value when compared to top end PVC systems
  • Hard to install – It is a simple push fit and clip system (no sealants or welds)

Installation Guide:
RoofARt Installation Guide PDF

Installation Video:

5 reasons to choose RoofArt Galvanised Steel Guttering

Replacing the guttering in your home is something that the majority of people have to do from time to time while they are living in a property that they are the owners of. This is a good time to consider the many benefits associated with choosing metal gutters over other options, such as cheaper PVC versions. Whether you’re looking to replace your full gutter, or you’re looking for guttering accessories, there are benefits to every choice – and this means that it is well worth reading our 5 reasons for choosing metal guttering.

1.      A low carbon footprint
More of us than ever before are concerned about the environment and our carbon footprint. The good thing about metal gutters is that you can recycle them in their entirety when you have finished with them, and this means that you don’t have to worry about any of the material going to waste.

2.      Steel is more likely to keep its shape
Changes in weather, especially when it is cold in the winter can cause materials to change shape. One of the benefits about steel guttering is that it is more likely to stay in shape which means you don’t have to worry about the changing shape causing damage.

3.      Lasts for a long time
Steel guttering doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other styles of guttering, and many are even given a rust-proof coating. This can help to protect them even more. The guttering shouldn’t have to be replaced again soon after it has been done – and will last for many years.

4.      Incredibly strong
Steel is a brilliantly strong material, and for this reason it can protect your home against many things, including severe weather and also things such as falling branches. Steel guttering will be a welcome addition to any home – as it means that your guttering system is much less likely to need repairs at any point in the near future.

5.    Cheaper in the long term
Although initially you will have to pay a higher price to have your guttering installed, the material will last longer than other types of guttering, therefore you don’t have to replace it as often. So, when you take into account the amount of time that it will last, you should find that you are actually saving money, despite the higher amount that you have to pay at the beginning.

 If you are thinking about upgrading your guttering system, contact one of our expert sales advisors today for a quote. RoofArt Galvanised Steel Guttering is a great choice, providing many long term benefits and a great guttering solution for the property that you own.


Galvanised Guttering on building  Galvanised Guttering on building 
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