How to care for and clean Trex Composite Decking

Tuesday 1st March 2022


One of the big advantages of Trex Composite Decking, the world’s number one decking brand, is that it is low-maintenance and requires very little attention after installation.

However, to keep it looking at its best for years to come, it’s important to clean it just after installation and twice a year, typically in autumn and spring.

It’s a simple and quick process because Trex features the most durable surface finish of any composite decking product on the market, with a hard-wearing plastic cap which delivers some fantastic advantages over wood.

Unlike timber, Trex Composite Decking will, with minimal maintenance, keep delivering ‘just installed’ good looks throughout its lifespan. You can forget about fading, rot, constant revarnishing, and staining. Instead, homeowners will be able to enjoy a natural timber-grain pattern that few can tell apart from regular wood.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your Trex Composite Decking keeps its good looks and doesn’t get slippery or damaged.

For a light clean
Simply remove any dust, leaves or soil, wet the surface area and then, using a soft-bristle brush and a composite deck cleaner or a little bit of liquid soap, sweep away any debris. Then it’s a case of rinsing the soap away with fresh water (preferably soft as it doesn’t leave a residue), leaving the surface area to dry naturally, and you’re ready to bring out the deck chairs.

Sometimes, decks can become more heavily soiled, and you’ll need to step up your routine. Concrete particles following construction projects, for example, or stucco dust and clay can become embedded in the grooves and may need a little more attention. But it’s still an easy fix because the high-performance plastic cap comes into its own again.

When a deeper clean is needed
You’ll need a water pressure washer with 3100psi (pounds per square inch) and a little liquid soap in the water cavity. As with the light-clean process, remove loose debris such as leaves soil and dust with a soft-bristle brush. Then, holding the water-pressure nozzle about 20cm away from the surface, go over the entire deck to lift away any residue. Again, rinse and leave it to dry naturally and it’ll be as good as new.  

Specialist cleaning issues
There are bound to be food spills and accidents from time to time, or grease splatters from barbecuing, or a build-up of mould and mildew if debris such as pollen and soil is allowed to remain on the deck surface. It’s always a good idea to spend the few minutes it takes to deal with these issues, following the techniques above, as soon as possible to avoid any stubborn marks.

Regular decking maintenance will help to keep the beauty of your Trex Composite Decking for years to come.

If you look after it properly and install using the correct Trex Composite decking fixings

and accessories, it should last twice as long as traditional timber decking. Trex Composite Decking, the most durable on the market, is guaranteed for 25 years of residential use.

Timber versus composite
There are other benefits to Trex Composite Decking besides ease of maintenance.

  • Timber is prone to rot and needs to be resealed and revarnished regularly if it’s to last the distance – usually around ten years.
  • Real wood fades and loses that high-pigment, high-quality look thanks to UV damage.
  • Trex Composite Deck boards are made with 95 per cent recycled materials – including thousands of recycled plastic bags and reclaimed wood from timber mills. 
  • Composite doesn’t warp or splinter, fade, or stain, and is scratch resistant – so it looks great throughout its lifespan.

For more information and to see some of the colour and finish options available, view our product information page