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Box Gutters

We are able to fabricate our own galvanised box and valley gutters. These gutters can be made from different thicknesses of steel, but usually either 1.6mm or 2.0mm thick steel is used. The download below marked GG1 shows a range of gutter designs that most galvanised gutters will fit into, however for a more unusual design it can be drawn out on the download marked GG5.

We can supply gutters with a maximum length of 3.0m, when your gutter run is greater than 3.0m, lengths of gutter must be joined end on end to form a long run. There are two main ways to join the gutters, joggle jointed and butt strapped.

Joggle jointing is where one end of the gutter is enlarged to form a female end to which the other end of the gutter can sit inside. Both ends of the gutter come pre-punch with holes so that they can easily be bolted together. Mastic is used between the joint to create a water tight seal. Nuts, bolts, washers and mastic are suppled as part of the kit. If the underside of the gutter cannot be accessed when installing, we can supply a captive nut clips.

If you would prefer to butt joint your gutters, we will then supply butt straps that will placed inside the gutter at each joint that will need to be site drilled and bolted together. Again mastic is used to seal the join. Nuts, bolts, washers and mastic will need to be ordered separately.

Stop ends can be supplied loose or pre-welded. To ensure a good fit, loose stop ends must be ordered with the gutter not separately. Weir stop ends can be fabricated to your specification. Top-hat outlets are supplied loose, they have a square flat plate with a pipe welded centrally. Available outlet diameters: 75mm, 100mm & 150mm.

It is recommended that the inside of any galvanised gutter is painted with black bitumen paint. This will increase the life expectancy of the gutter and give extra seal to your joints. Two coats should be applied to the base and 75mm up each side, paint is site applied.


Trimline Gutters

Trimline gutters are used in conjunction with box profile steel roofing. The gutters are made specifically to suit the pitch of the roof and depth of box profile sheet. Gutters are supplied in pre-coated 0.7mm thick steel, usually to match the roof or wall sheets. The download below marked GP5 shows standard designs of trimline gutter, type A is most common.

A trimline gutter is designed to hang from a box profile sheet, the inside leg of the gutter is fixed on the underside of the box profile sheet and a gutter support arm is used to extend the crown of the sheet and support the outside gutter edge. Gutter support arms are 600mm in length and are made to suit the specific box profile being used, depending on profile centres support arms are normally spaced at every 600mm.

Gutters are supplied in 3m lengths and are joined together using an internal butt straps which are fixed using stitcher screws and mastic. Stop ends are supplied loose and are handed depending on which end is required.

Top-hat outlets are supplies loose, a hole can be cut into the gutter base and the outlet dropped through, it is fixed in place with mastic and using stitcher screws. The most common outlet diameter used with trimline gutters is 100mm. We can also fabricate square steel downpipes from the same material. These downpipes are supplied in 3m lengths, either collared or plain ended. Connectors, bends, shoes and brackets are also available.