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Onduline Sheets (2.0m long)

Onduline Sheets (2.0m long)

Extremely tough, lightweight corrugated sheeting manufactured from bitumen-saturated organic fibres under intense pressure & heat. Guaranteed waterproof for 15 years. It is flexible, virtually indestructible and economical. It provides a high degree of weather protection and thermal insulation. Developed over 50 years ago Onduline is used extensively in agriculture, light industrial and domestic applications in over 100 countries. Onduline needs virtually no maintenance and has high insulation and sound absorbency values. Onduline cannot rust or become brittle. It is rot & fungi resistant. It is colourfast, resists most chemicals and corrosion & asbestos free.  

  • 2000mm Sheet Length
  • 38mm Depth of Profile
  • 3mm Thick
  • 6.4kg per Sheet 3.3kg/m²
  • 950mm Overall Width  
  • Effective Cover Widths: with 1 side lap = 846mm with 2 side laps = 752mm

From: £10.69 ex.VAT


Available Options:
Black Sheets - Price: £10.69
Red Sheets - Price: £13.60
Brown Sheets - Price: £13.60
Green Sheets - Price: £13.85



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