125mm, 90° Ext Gutter Corner With Joints - Anthracite Grey 7016

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  •  125mm Anthracite Grey Prelaq Steel 90° External Gutter Corner with gutter joint bracket
  • Mounted on the external corners of the building
  • Updated product connects to the gutter by new built in joint brackets
  • Rolled edge feature is on the outside (longer edge) of the gutter corner
  • 135° external corners are also available for bay window and conservatory angles
  • Please visit the the downloads section of this website for more info on how to install these gutter angles
Dimensions (see drawing): 
  • Dim A - 125mm
  • Dim B - 300mm
  • Dim C - 150mm


  • External Corner - 300mm
  • Internal Corner - 150mm
  • Material - SSAB Greencoat Prelaq colour coated steel with EPDM rubber gasket
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty - 15 Years


  • Built in joint brackets with rubber seals
  • Strengthening front roll feature
  • Stylish design which suits various building type
  • Hard wearing painted finish (Swedish SSAB Colourcoat Steel Coil)
  • 15 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Recyclable steel 


  • How do you install a 90 deg corner?
    Installing these RoofArt steel gutter corners is very simple as they come with the joint brackets already built in.  Once gutters are cut and positioned in the desired locations, the gutter corner simply clips in and clamps down tightly ensure a firm fitting.

  • Are internal and external corners the same?
    No, it is important that you order the correct type of corner.  The rolled front edge of the gutter means that external and internal gutter corners are not interchangeable.

  • Can RoofArt gutter corners be used with other makes of steel gutter?
    The only make of gutter that we are aware of RoofArt being compatible with is Lindab Rainline.  Other steel rainwater systems by Zambelli, Alumasc, Infinity, Galeco etc are manufactured to a different shape and so will not line up with the RoofArt system.

  • Can I cut RoofArt gutter corners?
    Yes, you can cut these gutter corners down to size, although it is usually easier to trim down the length of the gutter itself and keep the gutter corners the original length.