125mm, Steel Universal Bracket for Fascia - Anthracite Grey 7016

Code: RA1UNI125-AG
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Code: RA1UNI125-AG
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£5.20 Incl. VAT

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  •  125mm diameter Anthracite Grey Prelaq Steel Universal Gutter Bracket (Fascia Bracket)
  • Ideal bracket to be mounted directly to fascia board
  • Can also be used with a gutter support to then be fixed from rafter as an adjustable rafter bracket
  • Light weight bracket features support rib design to add strength
  • Spacing between brackets must be no more than 800mm
  • Rolled front edge of gutter clips in place for firm hold.  No need for screws or rivets to connect to gutter
  • Screws for securing bracket to fascia not supplied
Dimensions (see drawing):
  • Dim A - 125mm
  • Dim B - 110mm
  • Dim C - 54mm
  • Dim D - 25mm


  • Bracket Width - 54mm at widest part
  • Height Bracket Stands Above Gutter Line - 48mm
  • Material - Powder coated galvanised steel
  • Manufacturers Warranty - 15 Years


  • Strengthening channel creating robust heavy-duty bracket
  • Fixing points above gutter line meaning access to bracket without removing gutter
  • Gutter snaps in to place easily and holds firm
  • 15 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Fully Recyclable product
  • Hard wearing painted finish (Swedish SSAB Colourcoat Steel Coil) 


  • How do you install RoofArt universal brackets?
    RoofArt universal gutter brackets can be installed either directly to a fascia or can be installed to a RoofArt gutter support arm which fixes to the rafters. To fix the gutter into the bracket you must push the back edge of the steel gutter into the back clip of the bracket and then squeeze the rolled front edge of the gutter into the front lip of the bracket. Once in place the brackets grip the gutter very firmly and does not allow much slide without scratching the bracket so it is important to insert the gutter into the correct position.

  • What spacing do you need to install steel gutter brackets?
    RoofArt gutters should be supported by brackets at a maximum of 800mm centres.