125mm, Steel Universal Stop End - Plain Galvanised

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  • 125mm Diameter Plain Galvanised Steel Universal Stop End

  • Provides permanent stop end fixing, sealing and reinforcement to gutter.
  • Lined with rubberised gasket for increased water tightness and stability to joint
  • A rubber mallet is advisable to gently tap the stop end into place for firm fit
  • Universally handed - simply cut wing off with snips on the non-rolled edge
  • A stop end outlet is not available in this RoofArt rainwater range.  Separate outlets and stop ends are required.
  • For more information on fitting RoofArt Scandic please see the installation video here

Dimensions (see drawing):
  • Dim A - 125mm
  • Dim B - 69mm
  • Dim C - 159mm
  • Width - 159mm (external wing-to-wing)
  • Material - Galvanised Steel 
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturers Warranty - 5 Years


  • Gripping teeth allow it to be easily knocked on with rubber matter (no sealant required)
  • Bend round or cut-off wings allow for end to be handed
  • 5 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Recyclable steel


  • How do you install RoofArt galvanised steel stop-ends?
    RoofArt stop ends should be tapped on gently with a rubber mallet. It is important that you line the rolled edge of the gutter with the stop end first and the follow the line of the gutter around the stop end. You will notice that the back end of the gutter stands proud of the stop end – this is correct, and you should not try and manipulate the gutter to fit within the line of the stop end. Also note that one you have fitted a stop end on and taken it off too many times, you can bend in and sometimes damage the gripping teeth near the rubber seal.

  • Are the gutter stop-ends handed?
    No, the stop ends can be fitted to either end of a gutter run as they have two wings on either side to cover the rolled edge. Whichever wing you are not using can either be cut off or gently bent back towards the gutter.

  • Do I need to use sealant when fixing the steel gutter stop-ends?
    It should not be necessary to use any sealant when fixing galvanised guttering. However, a bead of gutter mastic on the inside of the stop-end will do no harm to the material and will not affect any manufacturer’s warranty if used.