125mm to 87mm Steel Gutter Outlet - Anthracite Grey 7016

Code: RA1OUT125-AG
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Code: RA1OUT125-AG
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£13.27 Incl. VAT

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  •  125mm to 87mm Anthracite Grey Prelaq Steel Gutter Outlet
  • Main element connecting the gutter to the downpipe
  • Easy to mount to gutter.  Mark and cut outlet hole on gutter as shown in image
  • Stylish design in anthracite grey RAL 7016 with Roofart logo stamped on front
  • Bottom of outlet is at 85mm diameter so allows for easy connection directly into straight pipe or pipe bend
  • Stop end outlets are not available as a single element and must be made up separately with outlet and stop end
  • For more information on how to install the RoofArt Scandic rainwater outlet please see the installation tutorial video or fitting guide here

Dimensions (See drawing):
  • Dim A - 125mm
  • Dim B - 85mm
  • Dim C - 140mm
  • Dim D - 150mm
  • Dim E - 212mm
  • Dim F - 87mm
  • Dim G - 30mm


  • Length - 150mm
  • Height - 212mm (before tabs folded down)
  • Outlet Diameter - 85mm
  • Outlet (Male End) Length - 30mm
  • Material - SSAB Greencoat Prelaq colour coated steel
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty - 15 Years


  • Easy to fit anywhere along a gutter run without additional clips
  • Stylish design which suits various building types making a feature of the rainwater products
  • Hard wearing painted finish (Swedish SSAB Colourcoat Steel Coil)
  • 15 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Recyclable steel 


  • How do you install a steel gutter outlet?
    Gutter outlets are installed anywhere along a gutter run (avoiding where a bracket may lie). A hole must be cut in the gutter itself with the edges of the hole tapped down to create an nice drip edge.  The Outlet then clips under the front roll of the gutter with the tabs at the back folded down over the back edge of the gutter.  

  • Can you get a stop-end outlet?
    No, there is only one type of outlet that does not require a break in the gutter to join.  It can be fitted near the end of a gutter run or in the middle, wherever needed.

  • Do you need any sealant when installing a steel gutter outlet?
    No, there is no requirement for sealants on any RoofArt components.