19mm Roofing / Cladding Drillscrew Galvanised and Neoprene Washer Bag of 100

Code: FD1A19WASH
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Code: FD1A19WASH
Availability: 35 In Stock
£3.69 ex VAT

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  • 19mm diameter Galvanised Washer for use with Roofing / Cladding Tec Drillscrews
  • Neoprene washer for watertight seal.
  • Bag of 100
  • Material - Galvanised and Neoprene rubber
  • Size - 19mm OD


  • Galvanised and Neoprene washer
  • Seals fixings to flat surfaces.
What are these used with?
This 19mm washer is used with Roofing and Cladding ‘Tec’ Drill screws.

I bought some screws from you; do I need to buy these also?
MOST of our screws come with a 19mm washer already, however a select few are supplied without a washer OR have a 29mm washer size which you may wish to change, check the description of the screw.

Do I need anything else?
These washers are self-sealing with Box Profile sheets or other flat profiles, for this purpose you may wish to add a colour coded tec screw cap, this will cover the washer as well as match the colour of the sheet that you are fixing.
For Corrugated profiles, you will need a Seala Washer and Cap in addition to watertight the screw with use of this washer also.

Can I use these with a Rooflight?
No, for a GRP Trapezoidal (Box Profile) rooflight, you will require a 29mm washer.