25mm Long Laplock with Poppy Red 04E53 11mm Bi Hex Colour Coded Head Pack of 100

Code: FB1LAP25B1904E53
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Code: FB1LAP25B1904E53
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£36.48 Incl. VAT

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  • Laplock Fixings are used when you are securing overlaps from a rooflight to either Steel or Fibre Cement roofing sheets.
  • They can also be used to stitch some fibre cement accessories to the sheeting in situations where you are unable to pick up on the main supports. 
  • The fixing point must be Pre-Drilled before inserting the Laplock into the hole, you then tighten the top of the 11mm Bi Hex head which expands the rubber sleeve around the shaft, providing a firm and watertight fixing.
  • 11mm Red Bi Hex Moulded Head is recommended for Building Regulations to clearly mark where a rooflight is in a system.
  • These have a 19mm Bonded neoprene washer.
  • They are also available individually
  • Length - 25mm
  • Materials - Galvanised screw with black rubber sleeve
  • Washer - 19mm Neoprene washer
  • Head - 11mm Bi Hex RED plastic coated


  • High quality rubber sleeve to allow a strong, watertight seal
  • Red washer and cap for increased safety on roof
  • Easy to install, predrill, plug and tighten
  • Rubber allows for expansion to prevent sheets cracking over time 
  • What is a laplock?
    A Laplock is a fixing with a rubber sleeve, designed to be used with a Box Profile Rooflight to secure the overlap on a GRP sheet, a laplock is a fixing with a rubber sleeve, designed to be used with a Box Profile Rooflight to secure the overlap on a GRP sheet.

  • Why do I need to use a laplock?
    It allows for expansion and contraction, if you used a metal fitting such as stitchers, this would crack the GRP sheet around the fixing.

  • How are they installed?
    You pre-drill the sheet with a 7mm hole, you then put the laplock into the hole and tighten the 8mm head, this will expand the rubber sleeve to close and watertight the hole.

  • What else do I need?
    You may need an 11mm Bi Hex drill socket if you do not already, this is how you tighten the fixing

  • Why do these have a red cap?
    Red caps are required for building regulations; however it is always best practice to use red caps with a rooflight anyway, it makes the roof more secure and marks where a rooflight is if the roof gets covered.