29mm Diameter Coloured Screw Cap for 8mm Rooflight Screws with 29mm washer (CLEAR OR RED OPTIONS) Bag of 100

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Code: FC1CAP29
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  • Poppy Red or Clear Colour Coded Plastic screw cap to fit 8mm Hex Head Rooflight Screws with 29mm washer.
  • These are used with screws for Rooflights so that a rooflight remains visible.
  • Required for building regulations on Box Profile Rooflights
  • Push fit - these will clip over the top of the screw head.
  • Protects the screw, increasing the life span as well as being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Colour Shown is an indication only, and may vary to the shade of the product.
  •  Material - Plastic
  • Fits - 8mm Plain headed roofing/cladding screw
  • Diameter - 29mm (to fit over 29mm washer)
  • Colour - Poppy Red / Clear
  • Weight - 80 grams
  • Protects the galvanised head of a screw increasing life expectancy
  • Colours to match your roofing or cladding colour
  • Aesthetically enhancing
  • Meets building regulation requirements for rooflight fixing


  • What should I use an RED 29mm coloured cap?
    These Red 29mm colour caps are for use with screws that have a 29mm washer, most commonly rooflight screws, they are red by design so that when fitted, if a rooflight gets covered on a roof, it remains visible where that rooflight is when access to the roof is required. This is a requirement for Building Regulations on buildings that have to meet them or HIGHLY recommended otherwise.

  • What other colours are available?
    If your building does not need to meet building regulations, you may use a Clear 29mm cap, however it is recommended to try and spec RED anyway.

  • What size screw will these fit on?
    8mm plain headed screws such as our Woodtek, Light Section and Heavy Duty drill screws which have a 29mm washer designed for GRP box profile sheets.

  • How do these fit on?
    These just push over the top of the screw and will clip over the washer. If you wish to stick these down, it is recommended to use mastic rather than silicone as that will not stick, although this is not a requirement.