3.500m (11ft 6in) long, Crash Barrier W-Shape Profile USED / SECOND-HAND

3.500m (11ft 6in) long, Armco Crash Barrier
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Code: BC1ARMCO-11
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Code: BC1ARMCO-11
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£27.60 Incl. VAT

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  • Usually sourced from motorways when they are replaced due to reaching the end of their 'Serviceable Life', used Crash Barriers are a great way to protect agricultural and industrial Buildings from vehicle traffic damaging the sides. These can also be used in cattle barns to protect cattle or to protect fences from damage - we have even supplied these for Go-Karting track walls.
  • USED/SECOND HAND - Quality will vary between batches.
  • Each barrier requires 8 x M16 x 35mm Bolts (sold separately) to join to each other.
  • These have a 310mm height.

    • Length - 3500mm (11ft 6”)
    • Effective Cover - 3200mm (300mm / 12 Inch Overlap)
    • Total Width - 310mm
    • Material - Galvanised
    • Material Thickness - 3mm
    • Condition - Used - Varies
    • Weight - 40 Kg per Barrier

    • Galvanised material
    • Cheap alternative
    • Easy to install
    • Prevents or reduces potential damage to property by vehicles 

    • What condition are these in?
      The condition of these used Armco barriers is varied, as each batch is different.

    • What are Armco Barriers and where do the 'used' ones come from?
      They are the barriers that you will be familiar with seeing on motorways up and down the country, at the end of their serviceable life on the motorway. They are replaced with new when the used barriers become available. 

    • What is the overlap of Armco Barriers?
      150mm each end meaning a total cover of 3.200m.

    • What do I need to install the Armco Barriers?
      To join the barriers together, you will require 8 Number M16 X 35MM Bolts, 8 Number M16 Nuts and 16 Number M16 Washers per barrier. These MUST be Galvanised Nuts and NOT BZP as the materials will react. You may also require Bolt Down or Concrete In Posts to fix them to.

    • What is the use of 'used' barriers, why not use new?
      'Used' barriers are ideal for use in Agricultural and Industrial buildings, they are also used in Cattle Barns to protect cattle or even fences from damage. We have even supplied these for Go-kart Tracks, They are substantially cheaper to purchase than new and are perfect for protection when the appearance does not matter.