300mm Easy Lead (Lead flashing alternative)

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£43.04 Incl. VAT

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  • A low cost option to Lead, manufactured in Aluminium, this eliminates theft and vandalism as it has no resell value. 
  • Protective anti-corrosion coating and high performance butyl adhesive backing
  • Can be EASILY cut with quality knife or scissors
  • Waterproof, Easily cut, durable, malleable, easily repaired, lightweight option
  • Colour - Grey
  • Length - 5m Roll
  • Roll Width - 300mm
  • Approval - BBA Approved
  • Finish - Corrugated Pattern
  • Temperature Resistance - -40deg to +90deg
  • Life Expectancy - Minimum 20 years
  • Minimum Working Temperature - +5deg
  • Resistant Against Corrosion And UV Degradation - Yes
  • Weight - 3kg per roll


  • Deters thief's protects from vandalism
  • Easy to cut, just use a knife or scissors
  • Workable and malleable to create a perfect seal around a profile as well as a flat surface
  • Protective anti-corrosion coating and high-performance butyl adhesive backing 


  • Why would I use Easylead rather than traditional lead?
    There are a few reasons to consider using Easylead rather than traditional lead.
    Made of aluminium, Easylead is a lot lighter in weight than traditional lead, which makes it also suitable for lighter roof projects where traditional lead would be too heavy for its application.
    Easylead does not have a resell value, meaning it is not a target for theft, this will prevent potential damage caused by those looking to resell lead.

  • How are these installed?
    A knife or scissors can be sued to cut the material to the perfect size
    It can be worked in any direction using your hand or a roller.
    After determining the final position, remove the tape from the self-adhesive back and press the material into the brickwork or surface.
    The surface this is fixing to must be clean and dry.
    You should treat the surface with a Bituminous Primer before applying Easylead. 

  • Are these smooth?
    No, Easylead has a corrugated ‘rough’ finish on the external face.