45mm Woodtek Drillscrew

Code: FD1WT45W19
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Code: FD1WT45W19
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£9.93 ex VAT

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  •  Bag of 100, 45mm Long Woodtek Drill Screws with 19mm bonded wash and 8mm hex head. 
  • This 45mm length is used for Single Skin Steel Box Profile sheets to fix into Timber Supports
  • Woodteks are self tapping roofing fixings that will self screw through the thickness of a sheet into the timber supports, there is no need to pre-drill. 
  • Can be used with a 19mm Dia 8mm Hex Colour Cap to match the colour of the sheet.

Also Available In:

25mm for fixing Single Skin Roof Sheets into Ply Board.
45mm with 29mm washer for use with Single Skin GRP Box Profile Roof Sheets
80mm for fixing 30mm and 80mm Composite Insulated Panels 
120mm for fixing 80mm Composite Panels
150mm for fixing 100mm Composite Panels
175mm for fixing 120mm Composite Panels
Light Section Steel (Cold Rolled up to 3mm Thick) and Heavy Duty Steel (Hot rolled 3mm-12mm Thick) options also available
  • Material - Galvanised
  • Length - 45mm
  • Head - 8mm Hex head
  • Washer - 19mm dia 
  • Capability - Fixing into timber supports
  • Screw Diameter - 5.5mm
  • Weight - 1.185kg


  • 8mm Hex HEAD
  • Fixes into Timber supports
  • Longer lengths have expansion gap for use with insulated sheets and built up systems
  • Self Tapping – No need to pre-drill
What is a Woodtec Drillscrew?
A woodtec drillscrew is designed to fix Trapezoidal Box profiles or insulated box profiles into timber supports

What material are they made of?
These Screws are made of galvanised steel.

What are these used for?
This length is typically used to fit a single skin metal sheet into a timber support.

Do I need anything else?
You will require an 8mm Magnetic Drill socket to fit these with. You may also wish to consider a protective coloured cap to match the colour of the material you are fitting into and protect the head of the screw.