550mm Long Sleeve

550mm Long Sleeve
Code: ZS1ZV
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Code: ZS1ZV
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  • Sleeves are galvanised steel cold formed profiles. These are used to connect two zed purlins to allow a stronger structure along the rafter and is usually used for spanning over 2 or more bays.
  • Sleeves come in 550mm lengths.
  • To be used with a cleat.
  • There is a 140mm & 177mm series sleeve.
  • These sleeves comes pre-punched.

  • Length - 550mm
  • Depth - 140mm & 177mm
  • Thickness - 1.6mm & 1.8mm
  • Weight - 1.85kg-2.4kg
  • Material - Galvanised Steel
  • Punching - Pre Punched 
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Pre punched to allow fixing straight away
  • Provides strength to structure


  • What is a purlin sleeve used for?
    A sleeve is used to connect two Z purlins across a supporting rafter.

  • How long is a sleeve?
    A sleeve is 550mm long.

  • Where do I use sleeves?
    A sleeve is commonly used for buildings with 2 bays or more. They are used of the penultimate rafter and are staggered on internal bays.

  • How do I fit a sleeve?
    A sleeve slots into the Z purlin itself and is fitted as one to the cleat.