87mm dia, Steel 60° Downpipe Bend - Anthracite Grey 7016

Code: RA1BEND87-AG
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Code: RA1BEND87-AG
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£12.79 Incl. VAT

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  •  87mm Anthracite Grey Prelaq 60° Downpipe bend.
  • Male and female ends can connect directly to outlets or straight pipes without need for connectors  
  • Top opening of bend is plain ended at 87mm diameter, bottom end of bend spigoted at 86mm
  • 2 bends required to make up a swan-neck
  • Can be used to bring pipe from the outlet closer to the wall with a short length of pipe between
  • Also useful to change the direction of water drainage around obstacles
  • RoofArt Scandic prelaq finish in dark grey comes with 15 year manufacturers guarantee 

  • See our fitting guide for more detail on how to fit downpipe accessories for RoofArt Scandic

  • Dimensions (see drawing):
  • Dim A - 87mm
  • Dim B - 86mm
  • Dim C - 60degree
  • Dim D - 50mm


  • Diameter (top end) - 87mm
  • Diameter (bottom/male end) - 85mm
  • Bend Degree From Vertical - 60deg
  • Bend Degree From Horizontal - 30deg
  • Material - SSAB Greencoat Prelaq colour coated steel
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty - 15 Years


  • Simple push fit design
  • Impact resistant
  • Hard wearing painted finish ( Swedish SSAB Colourcoat Steel Coil)
  • 15 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Fully recyclable product 


  • How do you install steel gutter bends?
    Steel gutter bends can be either connected directly to the outlet or to the socketed end of a downpipe. On the bottom end of the bend it can fit inside a plain end of pipe or another pipe bend to create a swan-neck.  You should always secure Steel downpipe bends using either a self-tapping screw or a rivet (not supplied).

  • Can you connect steel gutter bends back-to-back?
    Yes, a swan-neck bend can be created by connecting bends directly into one another.

  • How do I create an extended swan-neck bend?
    Extended swan necks to bring you back towards the house under a soffit for example can be created by adding a cut to length piece of downpipe.  It is important however that the length of pipe still has the male socketed end on it.  A cut length of pipe with two plain ends will not be able to fit to the second bend.  We always recommend that you buy a length of 1m pipe for every extended swan neck that you are trying to make.

  • Why 60 deg and not 112.5 deg or 45 deg like in PVC brands?
    This is just the way that most steel rainwater system manufacturers make them.  They do the same job and you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference when holding a PVC offset up against a steel offset.

  • Do you make a 90 deg bend to wrap around the corner of a building?
    Not currently. But this is an item that RoofArt have been looking closer at and we will list them as stock as soon as they are released.  Alternatively, there are other brands of steel gutter that are compatible with RoofArt that could be purchased elsewhere if this is a must have item.

  • Can you use this as a downpipe shoe?
    You could use a 60 degree bend as a shoe, but we advise the specific shoe component that also features a rolled drip edge.