87mm dia, Steel Downpipe Connector - Anthracite Grey 7016

Code: RA1CON87-AG
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Code: RA1CON87-AG
Availability: 56 In Stock
£6.77 Incl. VAT

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  •  87mm Anthracite Grey Prelaq Steel Downpipe Connector.
  • To connect to straight lengths of pipe if the male end has been cut off.
  • Female to end to sleeve over plain end of 87mm downpipe
  • Socketed male end to fit inside plain end of pipe
  • This item is only required when connecting two plain ends (cut ends) of pipe. If you are using full lengths of either 1m or 3m pipe then it will have a male socketed end.


  • Overall Height - 110mm
  • Diameter at Top (female end) - 92mm
  • Diameter at Bottom (male end) - 86mm
  • Socket Length - 50mm
  • Material - SSAB Greencoat Prelaq colour coated steel
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty - 15 Years


  • Stylish branded design
  • Connect two plain ended pipes together
  • Simple push fit design
  • Hard wearing and painted finish (Swedish SSAB Colourcoat Steel Coil)
  • 15 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Fully recyclable product


  • Why would I need a downpipe connector?
    If you are trying to connect two plain pieces of pipe you would need to use a downpipe connector.  We would always advise that you use full lengths of pipe incorporating the male socketed end which will give a neater finish than the downpipe connector.  Nevertheless, the connector can be a useful accessory that can save the need to buy additional length of downpipe.

  • How do you install the connector?
    The steel downpipe connector socket could not be easier to install.  Simply insert the male end into the lower pipe and feed the higher pipe into the female end.  For additional security, you could use a small screw or rivet at the join, but this is rarely needed once the downpipe holders keep the pipe locked firmly in place.