White 400ml PVC Aerosol Paint

Code: FP1SPY00E55
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Code: FP1SPY00E55
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£15.72 Incl. VAT

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  • Used to Touch Up scratched or repairs to damaged areas of paint.
  • 400mm Aerosol Spray. 
  • Please Note - White is a difficult colour to replicate due to shade, the colour of this may differ slightly from the area that you are looking to repair.
  • Product Type - Aerosol
  • Size - 400ml
  • Colour - White (BS 00E55)


  • 400mm Aerosol can
  • Coloured to match sheet colour
  • Easy to apply 

  • What would I use a Touch Up Spray Paint for?
    This Aerosol can is used for touching up small areas which may have become scratched or been repaired.

  • Can you guarantee a colour match?
    Unfortunately, manufacturers of steel sheets have variances in their colours, even though they sell the same colours, the shades are often different, for this reason the colour shade may differ to the area you are trying to match with, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a complete match.

  • How do I apply this?
    You can spray it straight out of the can (shake the can first to ensure the paint is mixed up inside), it is recommended to do a test spray on another material or area before painting the area that will be visible.