Dektite Combo Pipe Flashing Hot- No. 5 (For 108mm-190mm diameter pipe)

Code: FP1ADH5
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Code: FP1ADH5
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£25.52 Incl. VAT

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  • Can be used for standard or retrofit applications
  • For flashing around hot pipes.
  • Manufactured in Red silicone
  • Suits pipes with diameters from 108mm to 190mm
  • 365mm square base with flexible aluminium surround which can be formed to the profile of the cladding or roofing sheets
  • Cold flashing to withstand constant temperatures of -50°c to 200°c.
  • Cold flashing to withstand intermittent temperatures of 250°c.
  • Includes 6 x Retrofit joining clips for applications where you need to cut the width to be bigger than 75mm.

We also Supply this as a Cold Pipe option in Grey.
  • Type of Pipe - Hot
  • Colour - Grey
  • Base Size - 365mm x 365mm
  • Pipe Size (External) - 10mm-190mm
  • Material - EPDM
  • Temperature Range - Constant temperature of -50deg to 200deg and up to 250deg intermittently
  • Roof Pith - 0-40deg


  • High quality silicone
  • Suits pipes 108mm to 190mm diameter
  • Red colour indicating cold pipe
  • Can withstand temperatures from -50deg to 200deg (or 250deg intermittently)
  • Aluminium form band means this can match with any sheet profile
  • Comes with retrofit joining clips to adjust the size 


  • What is Dektite?
    A Dektite is a retrofit pipe flashing, for sealing around a pipe which comes through a roof or side cladding.

  • My pipe is hot, can I use this flashing?
    No, this version is for cold pipe applications only, we also stock a variant for Hot Pipes.

  • What is the temperature range this?
    The temperature range of this product is -50°c to 115 °c.

  • How do I adjust the size?
    There is a slit on one corner which can be cut to match the diameter of the pipe, you then clip around the included pipe flashing clips to seal this cut back together.

  • What pipe size will this fit?
    This will fit 75mm to 175mm Pipes.