Duratile, Tile Effect Roof Sheet, 0.5mm thk., HPS200 Plastic Coated, Terracotta Red

Duratile, Tile Effect Roof Sheet, 0.5mm thk., HPS200 Plastic Coated, Terracotta Red Read more...
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Code: ST1JDUR5HP04C39
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  • Duratile Tile Effect Steel Roof Sheets are supplied in a hard wearing, long lasting plastisol (leathergrain) finish. They are available in two different colours.
  • Terracotta Red - BS 04C39
  • Anthracite Dark Grey - RAL 7016
  • These lightweight pantile formed sheets are available from stock in 3 easily manageable, light weight sizes that can be combined to make up any length of roof slope.
  • 3 Tile long sheets - 1200mm long
  • 4 Tile long sheets - 1550mm long
  • 6 Tile long sheets - 2250mm long
  • Each tile length is 350mm. Each sheet will include a front lip of 50mm and a back lip of 100mm. It is important that if you are end lapping sheets that you do not include the 150mm from front and back lips as overall cover length. These lips will only attribute to the sheet run on the first and the last sheet of each run.

  • Tile Quantity - 3, 4 & 6
  • Overall Length - 1.200m (3 tile), 1.550m (4 tile) & 2.250m (6 tile)
  • Full Tile Cover Length - 1.050m (3 tile), 1.400m (4 tile) & 2.100m (6 tile)
  • Cover Width - 1.100m
  • Colour - Terracotta (BS 04C39)
  • Finish - HPS2000 plastic coating
  • Material - Galvanised Steel
  • Weight - 5.28kg/lm


  • Lightweight & easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Faster alternative to cement tiles
  • HPS200 plastic coating has a life expectancy of up to 40 years
  • Combinable to meet different slope lengths
  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • What width do these sheets cover?
    The cover width on our tile effect sheets is 1100mm.

  • What part of the sheet do you fix the fixing screws to?
    For the tile effect sheets you should fit them in the valley of the profile.

  • What is the minimum roof pitch required for the tile effect sheets?
    We recommend going no lower than 10 degrees for these sheets.

  • What colour can I get these sheets in?
    These sheets come in either a terracotta red (BS 04C39) or an anthracite grey (RAL 7016). The terracotta is an HPS200 plastic coated finish while the anthracite is in a leathergrain plastic coated finish.

  • How do I work out how many sheets I need down the slope?
    (Slope length – 0.150m) ÷0.350m = number of tiles required.
    Use the tile number to work out which sheet sizes multiply into that number correctly.
    Example – The measurement from centre of ridge to centre of gutter = 3.1m
    (3.1m – 0.150m) = 2.95m ÷ .350m = 8.42 tiles = 9 tiles worth of sheet.
    To achieve a 9 tile sheet, you would combine a 3 tile and a 6 tile.  (Note this would give a total sheet length coverage of 3.3m (once you include lap details of 150mm) so the top sheet would need to be trimmed by 200mm.