Foam Filler, 14/3 Corrugated, mm long, Pair, Polyethylene, Bi-Colour (Black/White)

Code: FF1Z143
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Code: FF1Z143
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£3.10 Incl. VAT

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 Foam Filler, 14/3 Corrugated, 1067mm long, Pair, Polyethylene, Bi-Colour (Black/White)

  • For use with tradition corrugated iron profiled steel sheets or iron profile corrugated PVC sheets
  • Sold as pairs (long flute and short flute foam fillers)
  • The "Long Flute" half of the pair will sit on top of the sheeting and fill the profile between the sheet and the ridge or abutment flashing
  • The "Short Flute" half of the pair is pinned below the sheet at the eaves line
  • Black Polyethylene (Black on one side white on the other)
  • This profile has many traditional widths, we stock the 14 Corrugation Width foam fillers are we stock 14/3 Galvanised Steel Sheets, this will match with ANY of the widths, the difference is the amount of corrugations so you may need more or less foam fillers depending ont he width you are covering.
Pitch (Centre of Crown to Centre of the next Crown) - 76mm
Depth (Vally, Vertically upwards) - 19mm
Cover Width - 1067mm
  • Profile - 14/3 Corrugated
  • Profile Dimensions - 19mm depth x 76mm pitch
  • Material - Polyethylene
  • Colour - Black/White
  • Density - 30kg/m3
  • Thickness - 25mm
  • Quantity - Pair