Foam Filler, KS1000RW, 1m long , LONG FLUTE, Polyethylene, Bi-Colour (Black/White)

Code: FF1ZKS1000LLF
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Code: FF1ZKS1000LLF
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£2.23 Incl. VAT

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  •  Foam Filler, KS1000RW, 1m long , LONG FLUTE, Polyethylene, Bi-Colour (Black/White)
  • The "Long Flute" half of the pair will sit on top of the sheeting and fill the profile between the sheet and the ridge or abutment flashing
  • Bi-colour Polyethylene (Black on one side white on the other)
  • This Profile is for the Kingspan Insulated Box Profile 'KS1000RW'

Pitch (Centre of Crown to Centre of the next Crown) - 333mm
Crown - 31mm
Trough - 271mm
Depth (Vally, Vertically upwards) - 35mm
Overal Width - 1045mm
Cover Width - 1000mm
  • Profile - KS1000LF
  • Profile Dimensions - 26mm depth x 125mm pitch x 28mm valley x 28mm crown
  • Material - Polyethylene
  • Colour - Black/White
  • Density - 30kg/m3
  • Thickness - 25mm
  • Quantity - Long flute


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Suited to the profile
  • Blocks dust, nesting animals, water and water vapour 


  • What are profiled foam fillers used for?
    Foam fillers are used for sealing roofing and cladding profiles against dust, nesting animals, water, and water vapour.

  • Why do they come in a pair?
    The foam filler comes in a pair so that you can have one part for the top part of the profile that would go between the sheet and ridge flashing and another part for the fitting between the sheet and the eaves, this means both ends have a filler.

  • How do you seal the foam filler?
    A foam filler can bet wedged in without any sealant, however we recommend you either use our BR premseal sealant or lap mastic to keep it fitted and provide a good seal.

  • When should I fit them?
    Ideally a foam filler is fitted before the installation of the part that goes above it, this allows you to put your run of sealant underneath and on top of the filler.

  • How durable are foam fillers?
    Most of the profiled fillers have a minimum life expectancy of 20 years dependant on conditions.

  • What colour is this foam filler?
    This foam filler comes in a black & white finish.

  • I cannot see my foam filler profile, can you still source it?
    If you have a profile that you cannot find on our website. Please download our app to help identify the profile and give our sales team a call. If you do not have access to our app, please contact us and we can help you find the required measurements needed to identify it.