Hookbolt & Nut, Box of 100, Passivated Finish

Hookbolt & Nut, Box of 100, Passivated Finish
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Code: FH1HB
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 Hookbolt & Nut, Box of 100, Passivated Finish

  • Hookbolts are a fixing for Fibre Cement Sheets being fitted onto both commercial buildings and on many domestic outbuildings such as garages
  • The hook is used to fix around a steel purlin or angle iron and secured up through the crown of the sheet
  • Yellow Zinc Finish
  • M8 Diameter
  • 50mm of thread
  • Price includes pack of 100 M8 Square nuts.
  • 13mm jaw opening
Should be used with either a M8 Spat washer and Top hat or with a sealer washer and cap . Washers and caps sold separately.

We do not recommend that you use hookbolts when fixing box profile steel sheeting, drillscrews should be used wherever possible to ensure the most watertight and reliable fixing point.  If the only option is hookbolts due to the layout of the steel supports, then it is recommended that specialist bonded profiled saddle washers are used that sit over the crown of the profile.

Available Sizes - 60mm, 80mm, 100mm 120mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm and 300mm Lengths

We also supply Fibre Cement Sheets and accessories and BAZ Drillscrew fixings for fixing Fibre Cement Sheets to Timber, Light Section Steel and Heavy Duty Steel.

  • Diameter - M8
  • Material - Zinc
  • Finish - Passivated finish
  • Thread Length - 50mm
  • Jaw Opening - 13mm
  • Quantity - Box of 100 (square nuts included)


  • 50mm Thread
  • Fits fibre cement sheets to steel purlins or angle irons
  • M8 Diameter
  • BZP yellow zinc finish
  • 13mm jaw opening

  • What is a Hookbolt used for?
    A hook bolt is used to fix a Fibre Cement sheet around a steel angle iron or purlin.

  • How accurate do I need to measure the required hook bolt?
    A hook bolt only had 50mm top thread, you need to measure the size required as close as possible to allow enough thread for a Seala washer and Deep cap OR a Spat washer and top hat.

  • How are these fixed?
    These are fixed in conjunction with either a Spat washer and Top Hat or a Seala washer and DEEP Seala Cap, you need to pre-drill the crown of a sheet and feed the hookbolt through, put the washer on then tighten the included nut onto the washer, then clip the Deep Cap or Top Hat over the top for a watertight seal.

  • What diameter are these?
    These are M8 diameter.

  • Do I need to buy nuts?
    No, the box of hookbolts includes a pack of 100 nuts.

  • What if I need to fit around a scaffold tube?
    These standard hookbolts are NOT Suitable for fitting to a scaffold tube, instead you would need to purchase a Scaffold J Bolt.

  • What material are these?
    They are a Yellow-Zinc BZP Finish.