M16 X 50mm Long Galvanised Bolts for use with Armco Crash Barriers - Individually

Code: FB2BBM16BOLT-50-GV
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Code: FB2BBM16BOLT-50-GV
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£0.99 ex VAT

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  • Galvanised M16 bolt 50mm long for use with Armco Crash Barriers
  • Most commonly used with Armco Crash Barrier posts and connections, PER BOLT you will also need 2 x M16 Galvanised Washers and 1 x Galvanised Nut (Sold separately)
  • High Tensile Galvanised Material
  • NOT for use with Purlins as the material will react.
  • Price is per individual bolt.
  • Length - 50mm
  • Material - Galvanised
  • Thread Size - M16
  • Use - Armco Barriers / Barrier Accessories


  • Long lasting galvanised finish
  • Perfect for use with Armco barriers and accessories 


  • What are these used for?
  • These are mainly used for Armco Posts and accessories.

  • What else will I need?
  • This is the bolt only so you will also require 2 x Galvanised washers and 1 x Galvanised Nut to go with them.

  • Why are these different to the bolts used for the purlins?
    Whilst these are the same size and dimensions as the BZP coated bolts, these would react with BZP and BZP would react with the Armco Galvanised finish due to the material properties