No. 2 Butyl Gutter Pad, to suit 150mm Gutter

No. 2 Butyl Gutter Pad, to suit 150mm Gutter Read more...
Code: EG1G150BUTYL
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Code: EG1G150BUTYL
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£5.39 Incl. VAT

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  • Self adhesive butyl pad is used in conjunction with a hole seal washer kit and Gutter bolt when joining Fibre cement / non-asbestos cement guttering.
  • Prevents leaking at the joint.
  • Fibre Cement is most commonly fitted to agricultural and industrial roofs as well as garages.
  • Southern Sheeting also supply Fibre Cement Gutters (125mm, 150mm and 200mm), Stop Ends and Outlets, Downpipes as well as Swan Necks and all fixtures and fittings to allow for a complete system to be quoted.
  • Gutter Size - 150mm
  • Material - Butyl Rubber
  • Dimensions - 290mm x 70mm
  • Thickness - 9.5mm
  • CE Cert - CE/FP/001
  • Weight - 228g


  • Adhesive back makes these easy to use in installation 
  • Perfect size for 150mm fibre cement gutter, no need to cut
  • Long lasting butyl material


  • What is a butyl gutter pad used for?
    Butyl Gutter Pad’s are used to seal the joint between gutters and accessories which connect to gutters (Running / Stop end outlets or Stop Ends for example), they have an adhesive back to make them easy to use.

  • Why do I need to use one?
    This seals the gap between the Joggled end of the gutter that would otherwise leave a gap, not sealing this will create a gap which will leak.

  • Is there an alternative?
    Yes, you can use a roll / rolls of 50mm x 6mm Butyl mastic which we also supply.

  • Can I use a sealant?
    No, Butyl Pads or Butyl mastic allow for expansion and contraction, whereas other sealants and options do not, meaning that they would be more likely to leak if the wrong sealing option was used. 

  • How many do I require?
    You require one per gutter joint and usually 2 per accessory that fits with a gutter, with the exception of a Stop End Outlet where you would use just one.

  • My gutter measures wider than 125mm (5 inch) but less than 150mm (6 inch), why is that?
    A lot of people make the mistake of measuring the outside dimension of the gutter, with fibre cement gutters, measure from inside to inside.