Ondutiss Air 95 Membrane, Roll Size: 1.0m wide x 20m long (20 Sqm)

Ondutiss Air 95 Breathable Membrane
Code: OV1AIR95-20
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Code: OV1AIR95-20
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£20.54 Incl. VAT

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 Ondutiss Air 95 Membrane Roll 

  • Size: 1.0m wide x 20m long.
  • Ondutiss Air is a highly vapour permeable membrane
  • Used in Cold and Warm Roof Applications
  • We stock this for the Onduvilla Tile system, this goes beneth the Tiles on top of an OSB / Timber board to weatherproof the underside of the Onduvilla system.
  • Removes the requirement for a ventilation gap.
  • A perfect secondary protection, making a roof system even more waterproof.
  • Easy Installation - Gridlines show the required overlaps.

  • Length - 20m Roll
  • Width - 1m
  • Total Sqm Per Roll - 20
  • Weight per roll: 7kg
  • Coverage: 75m2 per roll
  • Suitable for all zones under the updated BS 5534 regulations.

  • Overlap Indicators allowing for the perfect overlap
  • Breathable material 
  • Keeps an insulation / Timber layer totally dry.
  • Removes requirement for Air Gap, commonly used for ventilation.

  •  What is Ondutiss Air?

We keep Ondutiss Air mainly for use with the Onduvilla System, however this can be used as a breathable membrane in many roofing applications and is not ONLY used for this Product.

  • Why should I use Ondutiss Breathable Membrane?

It creates a breathable vapour barrier, meaning that the insulation or timber layer below the roofing product will remain dry.