Onduvilla Verge Trim - Shaded Red for Onduvilla Tiles, 1040mm Long

Onduvilla Verge Piece
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£5.38 Incl. VAT

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Onduvilla Verge Piece - Shaded Red

  • Onduvilla Verges for the Onduvilla System provide a weatherproof seal at the end of the roof down the 'Verges'
  • These are universal handing so there is no need to buy a left handed and right handed part for each verge.
  • The ribs in the verge match up perfectly to where the ribs are on the Onduvilla Tiles, this creates an even better weatherproof seal than a traditional onduline verge piece.
  • Available in Shaded Black and Shaded Red to match with our stock Shaded Black and Shaded Red Onduvilla tiles.
  • 1040mm Length, 105mm width and 114mm height.
  • Length: 1040mm    
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 105mm 
  • Material: Plastic  
  • Application: Exterior - End of building
  • Lightweight & easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Colour matched to the sheets
  • Groves match to the grove lines on Onduvilla for a weatherproof seal.
  • What is a verge flashing used for?
A verge flashing is used to collect cap of the side of a roof where the sheets finish to give a neater finish.

  • How do you fix a verge?
Align the verge to the Onduvilla Tiles that have been fitted (Use the groves to line up to ensure a perfect fitment), use the screws to go throught he sheet into the timber below.