Profi Professional Blade for Wood Plastic Composite

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  • The blade with special Triple Chip Grind Tooth (TCG) geometry is specifically designed for making fast and effortless cuts without burning and melting composite materials an PVC boards.
  • Premium quality carbide teeth (OKE 403) are able to withstand extreme impact and ensure long blade life.
  • 65MN Steel Blade body goes with unique noise and vibration stabilizer lines that significantly upgrade blade performance and quality of the finish. Stabilizer lines are filled with special resin to prevent side movements, lower the vibration and keep the blade flat. In addition to that, there are also laser cut expansion slots that allow the blade to expand and contract during use to prevent blade warping.


  • Available Options - 160mm (48 teeth), 190mm (60 teeth), 216mm (60 teeth), 254mm (72 teeth) & 305mm (84 teeth)
  • Bore Size - variety
  • Cutting Width - variety
  • Plate Thickness - variety
  • Teeth Material - OKE403 Carbide Tips
  • Weight - 1kg to 3kg (depending on size) 
  • Premium quality 65 MN steel blade body
  • Improved OKE 403 Carbide tips
  • Stabilized lines filled with resin for better noise and vibration reduction
  • Laser cut expansion slots
  • TCG (Triple Chip Grind) Tooth Geometry to prevent cutting material from burning and melting.  


  • What is this product used for?
    The OKE 403 Carbide Blade is ideal to cut wood plastic composite products such as the Trex Composite Decking, Bison Composite Fencing and other composite materials

  • What are the teeth tips made of?
    The blades are OKE 403 Carbide Blade tipped, these help the ensure the blade has a long life expectancy, provide a cleaner cut and prevent melting/burning of the material

  • What saws will this fit?
    Handheld circular saws, mitre and certain chop saws.

  • How many teeth do these have?
    The diameter of the blade dictates how many teeth the blade will have.