Profile 3, Apron Flashing Piece, Fibre Cement, Natural Grey

Profile 3, Apron Flashing Piece, Fibre Cement, Natural Grey Read more...
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Code: EF1P3APR
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Code: EF1P3APR
Availability: 22 In Stock
£21.81 ex VAT

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  • Used to flash Profile 3 sheeting to a wall in a Lean-Too style roof.
  • Flashed flat against the wall and profiled on top of the sheet.
  • Fibre Cement is most commonly fitted to agricultural and industrial roofs as well as garages.
  • Available right handed only with an 120 deg.bend
  • Southern Sheeting also supply Fibre Cement Sheets in both Profile 3 and Profile 6, Ridges, External Corners as well as fixings into Timber and Steel, including Hookbolts.

  • Coverage - 651mm
  • Profile - Profile 3 Asbestos/Fibre Cement
  • Material - Fibre Cement
  • Colour - Natural Grey
  • CE Cert - CE/FP/001
  • Weight - 4.898kg 
  • Long lasting Fibre Cement (life expectancy of 25 years)
  • Perfect for sealing a Lean-Too style roof to existing wall/cladding
  • Fibre Cement does not condensate
  • Etex Fibre Cement is semi compressed, meaning it can absorb more moisture than other Fibre Cement sheets
  • Durable, rust and rot resistant to any chemical influence
  • Natural acoustic and thermal insulation
  • The ONLY British manufacturer of Fibre Cement products
  • We stock all Fibre Cement sheets, accessories and fixings
  • Natural Grey is a neutral colour 


  • What is an Apron Flashing?
    An apron flashing is designed specifically for Lean-Too style roofs, they match with the profile of the sheet on one end, the other end leaves a flat edge for you to flash to a wall or cladding at the back.

  • What profiles are available?
    This is available in Profile 3 & Profile 6

  • What material is this?
    Semi-compressed Fibre Cement in its natural grey finish.

  • Are these asbestos?
    Fibre Cement does NOT contain asbestos fibres as traditionally used in the manufacture of similar products, instead the material is made with a synthetic fibre.  

  • Why Fibre Cement?
    Fibre Cement is a highly absorbent material and therefore greatly minimises the risk of condensation which in turn will protect anything inside a building from getting wet/damp. It also has a very long life expectancy of 25 years, although the material will often exceed this lifespan.