Steel Gutter Twisted Bracket Support

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  • Used to fix the universal bracket on to the side of a rafter.
  • Adjusts the gutter slope for water drainage to the downpipe, with predetermined graduations. 
  • Includes a screw & nut
  • Rafter Arm Length - 190mm
  • Drop Arm Length - 95mm
  • Slotted Hole Length - 70mm
  • Degree - 40deg (can be bent on site to suit other pitches)
  • Material - Galvanised Steel
  • Material Thickness - 4mm


  • Heavy duty arm allowing for adjustable gutter height
  • Twisted to be fitted to the top of the rafter
  • 70mm slotted hole to allow for rise and fall adjustment
  •  Comes with bolt and nut


  • What is a bracket support arm used for?
    The Roofart bracket support arm is an arm which can work in conjunction with the RoofArt universal bracket to create a rafter bracket that can be adjusted to different heights.
  • How do you install the bracket support arm?
    The bracket support arm is attached to the top of the rafters or to an eaves beam prior to the roofing material being installed.  You can then attach the universal bracket via nut and bolt to the slotted arm and adjust to the desired height before tightening.

  • Can you bend the bracket support arm to suit different roof pitches?
    Yes, the support arm is initially bent to cater for a 30° roof pitch but can be bent in a vice to suit steeper or shallower roof pitches.

  • Can you install this bracket support arm to the top of the rafters?
    No, if you wish to install to the top of rafters you should select the standard (un-twisted) version of this bracket support arm.

  • Does the bracket support arm come supplied with the nuts and bolts to secure the universal bracket?
    Yes, M6 nuts and bolts are supplied with each bracket at no extra charge.