87mm dia, Steel Manual Rainwater Diverter - Plain Galvanised

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  • 87mm Plain Galvanised Steel Steel Manual Rainwater Diverter Folds down to direct water to another circuit or water butt

  • Keep closed for water to continue to flow direct to drainage
  • Socketed (female end) at the top to allow fitting directly over plain end of pipe above
  • Spigoted (male end) at the bottom to allow fitting directly into plain end of pipe below

Dimensions (see drawing): Dim A - 89mm
  • Dim B - 86mm
  • Dim C - 290mm
  • Dim D - 200mm
  • DIm E - 105 degree
  • Dim F - 40mm
  • Overall height - 290mm
  • Length of Socket (male end) - 40mm
  • Effective Height - 250mm
  • Diameter of Top (female end) - 89mm
  • Diameter of Bottom (male end) - 86mm
  • Angle of Outlet (when open) - 105deg
  • Length of Outlet - 111mm
  • Material - Galvanised Steel
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty - 5 Years


  • Stylish branded design
  • Easy way to divert into water butt or bucket when needed
  • Can be positioned any height within the pipe run
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Fully recyclable product 


  • Why would I need a steel rainwater diverter?
    To make the most from free rainwater which is also ‘kinder’ to plants than tap water, many people are now using water butts to store water ready for their gardening needs.  A rainwater diverter is an easy way to divert rainwater gathered from the roof into the water butt.

  • How do I use the rainwater diverter?
    Steel rainwater diverters are manually operated, meaning that you simply open up the hinged diverter flap to flow water into the butt.  Once the butt is full the flap should be closed which will allow water to flow directly down the pipe and into drainage.

  • How do I install a steel rainwater diverter?
    The RoofArt manual rainwater diverter can be easily push fit attached to a downpipe that has been cut to the desired height.  Note that the top end of the fitting has a female end and can accommodate a plain cut end of downpipe – it does not need a male socketed end.

  • Do I need a pipe connector to join the diverter to the lower pipe?
    No, the bottom of the diverter has a male socketed end which is designed to slide directly into a cut plain end of downpipe.