3.0m long, 125mm dia, Steel Half Round Gutter - Plain Galvanised

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Code: RA1GU125-GV
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£25.03 Incl. VAT

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  • 3m long, 125mm diameter Plain Galvanised Half Round Gutter

  • Supplied in 3m lengths only
  • Rolled edge detail should be on the face side of the gutter
  • Fascia brackets and rafter brackets required at 800mm spacings
  • Joint brackets required to link to other gutter lengths or gutter corners
  • RoofArt Scandic plain galvanised products come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee (This does not apply to coastal locations where Prelaq finish material is advised)
  • For information on how to install the product please see our fitting guide or installation video
  • Important - Plain galvanised steel products should be stored in the dry prior to installation.  Storing in wet conditions whilst gutters or downpipes are stacked together can cause material to dull down quicker and more irregularly and in some cases 'white rust' will form where material are in contact with each other.
  • Dimensions (see drawing image):
  • Dim A - 125mm
  • Dim B - 18mm
  • Dim C - 3000mm
  • Dim D - 62mm
  • Dim E - 68mm
  • Length - 3000mm
  • Width - 125mm (internal gutter width)
  • Depth - 68mm
  • Material - Galvanised Steel
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturers Warranty - 5 Years


  • Lightweight material
  • Minimal thermal expansion and contraction
  • Easy push or clip fit connections (no sealants or welds required)
  • Impact Resistant
  • Strengthening front roll feature
  • Stylish design which suits various building types
  • 5 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Fully recyclable product


  • Do RoofArt gutters come in other lengths?
    No, not in the UK.  RoofArt do produce 4m lengths for other European markets but only the 3m lengths are currently available in the UK.

  • Do RoofArt gutters come in different widths?
    The 125mm gutter will usually suffice for most domestic applications, but a larger capacity 150mm diameter gutter is available for Roofs with larger surface areas and flow rates.

  • How easy is the RoofArt Scandic rainwater system to install?
    Contrary to common misconception.  Modern steel guttering such as RoofArt is very simple to install with push fit and clip accessories similar to that on a PVC system.  Important to note that there is no need to weld joint or use and sealants on the RoofArt Scandic System.

  • How should I cut steel galvanised steel guttering?
    To gut lengths of gutter or downpipe you should use a hack saw.  When cutting the outlet hole in the gutter you should use tin snips.  Please avoid using angle grinders as it can damage the galvanising due to the speed that it rotates when compared to a hand saw.

  • Do I need to treat the cut ends of galvanised guttering?
    If cutting with a hacksaw or tin snips there is no need to treat cut ends as the zinc element within the material is ‘self-healing’ and so does not need treating.

  • How long does steel guttering last?
    Whilst the RoofArt warranty period is 5 years on the plain galvanised system, we would expect the overall lifespan of the product to be in excess of 20 years if installed correctly.  There are however many factors that can affect the lifespan of any rainwater system such as location, maintenance, weather conditions etc.

  • Will my gutter rust?
    The zinc coating will protect galvanised gutters from rusting.  Only if the material incurs deep scratches will the integrity of the material be compromised, and rusting can occur.

  • What is 'white rust'?
    White rust is a white powdery staining that can appear on the surface of galvanised material if exposed to hydrogen and oxygen.  It would take considerable oxidisation for the integrity of the material to be compromised but it will nevertheless show as an unsightly marking on the guttering.  To avoid white rusting on RoofArt galvanised guttering it is vital that the material does not to get wet before installation or whilst being stored before being installed.  Packs of gutters or pipes that are wet when stacked together will likely generate white rust marks at points where the wet material is touching each other.  If the guttering does become wet before being stored it is important to dry them off and keep them separated before installation.  Note that Southern Sheeting will protect the material from the elements whilst storing and delivering.

  • Can the metal gutters be recycled?
    Yes, Roofart rainwater components are fully recyclable other than the rubber gaskets which can be removed.

  • Do galvanised gutters react with other materials?
    Yes.  There are some other material that can corrode and shorted the life of galvanised steel guttering.  We do not recommend that Steel guttering is used in conjunction with aluminium or copper building materials due to the electrolyte reaction that can occur either through direct contact or in some instances when rainwater transmits corrosive properties.
    We also do not recommend galvanised steel rainwater systems in conjunction with certain timber products that can contain high levels of acid such as cedar, oak and chestnut.

  • Will plain galvanised steel guttering change colour?
    Plain galvanised steel guttering starts life as a bight spangled shiny finish, but this will dull down over time and eventually become greyer in appearance.  This is usually the desired appearance for steel gutters and means the gutter blends into the building and surroundings.  It is however very difficult to determine how long it will take to dull down as there are many factors involved.

  • Can I replace just one section of steel gutter if it got damaged?
    Yes, RoofArt steel guttering is sectional, so like PVC products you can easily swap out sections of gutter if you need to assuming you have not riveted the section on at the joints.

  • Can I get RoofArt Scandic rainwater system in different colours?
    Yes, RoofArt Scandic in manufactured in many different colours.  However, there is currently limited colour range in the UK consisting of black, dark grey and plain galvanised.