Trespa Pura External Corner

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Code: TP1FEC
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  •  External Corner for Trespa Pura Flush
  • External Corner for use with Trespa Pura Flush system. Installed vertically on 90 degree external corners of a build where the planks are required either side of the corner. Trespa external corners are also used on the uprights of window and door reveals (not to be used across the heads or sills).
  • 3000m long x 40mm x 13mm x 13mm x 40mm
  • Please note that these trims must be installed before the boards are installed with the 40mm leg sitting behind the boards. 
  • All colours of Trespa Pura Flush have allocated trim colours, these are not exact matches as they do not have the wood effect on them unlike the planks. But they are a close resemblance to give a neat, professional look.

  • Material - PPC Aluminium
  • Length - 3000mm
  • Dimensions - 40mm x 13mm x 13mm x 40mm

  • Long lasting aluminium material
  • Light weight and easy to use 
  • Coloured to give a clean and professional look for each finish of plank

  • How do you install a Trespa External Corner?
    Trespa External corners can be screwed or nailed vertically to the timber battens at 90 degree external corners of the building including window reveals. Importantly the corner profiles need to be installed prior to installing the boards. For full details on how to fit the boards please visit the installation guide.

  • Can I use a Trespa Flush External Corner around windows and doors?
    You should use Trespa External corners on the uprights of windows and doors with a board then laid flat around the reveal. You should not use an External corner above the head of a window or door, this would usually be a Support Profile.

  • Do you supply corner trims to match the colour of the cladding?
    The Trespa trims do not come with the woodgrain effect and so they are not an exact match. However they are a similar base colour and so they give a nice professional look to the cladding.

  • Do you supply Trespa manufactured trims?
    Unlike the Cedral where our sister company manufactures the trims, we stock and supply genuine Trespa trims for the Pura Flush range.