Trespa Pura External Cladding Boards

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Code: TP1FBW
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  •  Trespa Pura Flush Siding
  • The sidings are not only attractive, but also highly durable. Planks undergo extensive testing for impact and UV resistance.
  • Trespa Pura siding is made from up to 70% natural fibres, which are sourced from sustainable forests. All Trespa Pura  products are certified according to the PEFC™ standard.
  • Trespa Pura is a versatile solution for most siding projects and gives maximum design freedom and a long lasting, beautiful finish. The flush sidings can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The planks can be easily handled and are simple to cut. Trespa Pura is the perfect answer for both innovative and traditional ventilated facade projects.
  • The beauty of the material can also benefit other areas of the building like fascias and dormers. Using variations in lengths, colours and styles can help to protect and enhance the appearance of buildings’ facade.
  • Pre finished planks - No need to cut or router, the planks are ready to use.
  • Easily Installed - Installed quickly with no mess and no fuss.
  • Solid & Sturdy - High scratch and impact resistance guarantees hassle-free installation and a beautiful end result.
  • Weather Resistant - Performs exceptionally well outdoors and will stay attractive for many years. Sun and rain have no significant effect on the planks surface.
  • No Need to Paint, Easy to Clean - The closed surface of Trespa Pura results in little build-up of dirt. Minimal maintenance is required, it is easy to clean, and painting will not be required in the future.

  •  Wood Decor Finish
  • Length - 3050mm
  • Width - 186mm
  • Thickness - 8mm
  • Weight - 6kg per board / 24kg per pack
  • Boards per m2 - 1.81
  • Coverage m2 - 0.55 individually / 2.2 pack
  • Fire Rating - B2
  • Guarantee - 10 Years
  • Life Expectancy - 30+ Years

  •  Modern flush finish with hidden fixings
  • Prefinished planks - High pressure laminate finish that renders the planks ready to be used on delivery.
  • Easily Installed - Trespa is installed quickly with no mess or fuss.
  • Solid & Sturdy - High scratch and impact resistance.
  • Weather Resistant - Sun and rain have minimal/no significant effect on the planks.
  • Easy Maintenance - The closed surface results in little build up of dirt on the boards. Very easy to clean and no future painting will be necessary.
  • 10 Year Guarantee - Guarantee on product performance, including colour stability.

  • How do I work out how many boards I need?
    Trespa comes in packs of 4 planks, which is generally enough to cover 2.2sqm of cladding. To calculate the quantity of packs you would need just divide your total square metreage by 2.2, this will give you an idea of how many packs should cover your project.

  • How many universal clip and screw set fixings do I need per Pura Flush board?
    Pura Flush boards are 3m long and should be fixed to supports at a maximum of 600mm centres. So 6 fixings should be allowed per board. It is important to include more fixings for wastage and further more should you have batten spacings less than 600mm.

  • Can I get Trespa Pura Flush in other colours not shown on this website?
    Southern Sheeting stock 7 of the standard Trespa Pura Flush woodgrain finishes. Other colours are available from the manufacturer although these will be subject to minimum order quantities, extended lead times and prices may vary on special order colours, please call for more details.

  • How much does Trespa cost per sqm?
    Southern Sheeting Supplies offer quantity discounting so the more you need the cheaper the unit price so it is very hard to offer a meterage price that covers all projects. To add, each project will require varying amounts of trims which will impact the project price considerably.  To get an overall price please add your items to a quote basket or give us a call to discuss in more detail.

  • What is Trespa Pura made from?
    Trespa Pura is a high pressure compact laminate made up of layers of wood based fibres impregnated with resins, with a cured topcoat to enhance the weather and light protection qualities. 

  • What is the life expectancy of Trespa Pura?
    Trespa Pura Flush comes with a warranty of 10 years, but is expected to last a lot longer with little to no fade or weathering.

  • Is Trespa resistant to fire?
    It is fire resistant with a fire rating of B2, which means it is combustible but at a high temperature. 

  • What is the importance of airflow behind Trespa?
    Airflow behind Trespa cladding is critical and it should always be installed on battens - never laid on to flat boarding. A continuous airflow draws air through the cavity, aiding in the removal of heat and moisture from rain or condensation.

  • What maintenance is required for Trespa Pura Flush?
    Maintenance for Pura cladding is minimal.  An annual hose down is advised and any spoiling should be rubbed down with a soft sponge and slightly soapy water or soft household detergent.

  • Can I add insulation behind the cladding?
    Yes, Adding insulation behind the cladding is very common. You must ensure however that you leave a minimum of 30mm airflow behind the cladding and so it is important not to completely fill the voids with insulation.

  • How can I cut Trespa Pura Flush?
    Trespa can be cut with any standard wood or laminate cutting tools.

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