Trex Starborn ProPlug System

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  • Trex Starborn ProPlug System
  • A superior easy-to-install plug fastening system for an invisible face fix on the square edge boards.
  • The system includes epoxy coated carbon steel screws, a colour matched deck plug to provide an invisible finish and a PvC tool which drives screws to the correct depth without stripping the screw recess or damaging the deck board surface. 
  • The ProPlug system is only available in the Transcend range, and is available in every finish of the range. 
  • Only available in boxes of 350 screws and 375 plugs. This includes the PVC decking and trim tool.

  • Material - Epoxy coated carbon steel screws
  • Length - 70mm 

  • Easy to install
  • Invisible finish
  • PVC/Composite driving tool included
  • Driving tool drives screw to correct depth
  • Doesn't damage the board surface
  • Plugs made from Trex boards, so colour is identical

  • How many will I need for my deck?
    The ProPlug system is generally used to fasten the square edge boards as a perimeter of the deck. This means a single box of fasteners is usually enough for a standard size deck.

  • Does it come with a drill bit?
    The ProPlug comes with a PVC composite tool that bores the perfect size hole for the bung to fit in, it also comes with a drill bit to fit the screw.

  • Can I use it on the Enhance Naturals ranges?
    There is no ProPlug system for the Naturals ranges, they do not have the same colours as in the Transcend range. They are not suitable due to the grooves in the bottom of the Naturals.

  • Can they be delivered quickly?
    All fittings and accessories can be couriered on a 2-3 working day basis.

  • What’s the difference between the coloured screws and ProPlugs?
    The ProPlugs are almost completely invisible with the colour matched and textured composite bung used to cover the fixing, whereas the coloured screw are still visible.

  • What spacing should the fixings be at?
    The fixings should be at every joist which should be between 400mm-600mm, this will give the decking a good sturdy finish.