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  • Trex Transcend Square Edge
  • Trex Transcend Square Edge boards are the top of the range composite decking from Trex, that come in 5 unique colours with tropical streaks to give it a more authentic timber feel. 
  • The Square edge boards can be fitted via the coloured screws using  a traditional face fixing method, they can also be fitted using the universal clips if a Trex groove tool  is used. Alternatively, with the Transcend range there is the ProPlug system available. This system offers a near invisible fixing system with a colour matched composite bung being used to cover the fixing. 
  • Transcend Square edged boards we stock in the 4.88m length, the boards have the same dimensions as the Grooved: width (140mm) depth ( 25mm). 
  • These low maintenance boards do not require repainting, and offer the highest level Trex offer in both fade and stain protections. As well as being scratch resistant due to the 3x thicker than industry standard shell. 
  • Trex is made using 95% recycled materials making it very eco-friendly. Trex have never felled a single tree for their products, but recycles 300,000 tonnes of material annually. 
  • Trex has an enhanced resistance to mould and mildew which makes maintenance simple. 
  • All Trex boards have a 25 year residential warranty, and a 10 year commercial warranty. 
  • The Square edge boards are perfect for use as a perimeter board around the edge of your decking or used as steps. They offer a nice border to finish off your decking.
  • Material - Wood effect coloured capping
  • Width - 140mm
  • Thickness - 25mm
  • Weight - 3.8kg per lm
  • Fire Rating - D-S2
  • Residential Warranty - 25 years 


  • Low maintenance
  • Solid board for extra strength and rigidity
  • Capping covered side to hide the grooved edge boards
  • Easy to install
  • Timber effect finish with natural look and unique per board flecks
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Does not rot
  • Unaffected by insects
  • Resistant to fade
  • Long lasting -  25 year warranty against fade and stain
  • Scratch resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • SQM covered - 3.66m = 0.44sqm - 4.88m = 0.59sqm


  • What are the differences between the Basics, Naturals and, Transend decking ranges?
    There are two main differences between the ranges. Firstly, the Transcend range has more polymer plastics in the plastic capping of the deck board, we believe this is what make Trex Transcend the best decking board in the world.  Whilst the capping on the Basics and Enhance board is great, they would be slightly more susceptible to scratching when compared to the Transcend range. 
    The second difference is that the Basic and Naturals ranges have undulating grooves cut out of the underside.  This means that less material is being used in the manufacturing process and of course enables the price to be lower.  The spans of the boards are not affected by this process though.

  • Do Trex Decking boards come in different lengths? 
    Yes, Trex is available in both 3.66 and 4.88m lengths.

  • Do you keep the Trex Decking from stock?
    Yes, Southern Sheeting are one of the largest stockists of Trex decking in the UK.  All the items that you can see available to purchase on this website are available from stock.

  • What is Trex made from?
    Trex decking is a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material which is manufactured 95% recycled material.  The ingredients include reclaimed timber and sawdust to make the wood fibres and recycled plastics including plastic wrap, shopping bags etc. Trex Company is actually one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the US, recycling over 400 million pounds of plastic annually!

  • Why are Trex composite decking board better than Timber?
    Trex products offer superior durability and performance that you can’t get from timber. Trex decking resists termites, won’t rot, warp, or splinter and never needs staining or painting. What’s more, Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice you can feel great about.

  • What is the life expectancy of Trex decking?
    Trex comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty although if installed correctly and looked after we expect Trex decking boards to far outlive this time frame.

  • Do I need to leave gaps between the boards?
    Yes, Correct gapping between boards is critical when installing Trex decking. Insufficient end gapping can cause swelling of the board which could lead to them lifting or delaminating.  Please ensure that you read the fitting guidelines carefully before installing your decking boards.

  • Why is there grooved edge and square edge options?
    Grooved edge boards are used for the bulk of the deck and the grooves are for the hidden fixings to be used meaning that fixings are not shown through the face of the board. The square edge boards are then used around the permitted where the edges of the boards can be seen, and you desire a square edge to be on show rather than the groove. These edge board are referred to as either ‘perimeter boards’ or ‘picture frame boards’. Square edge boards would usually be fixed with a face fix screw unless a router tool is used to create fixing points.

  • Can I combine different colours on the same deck?
    Yes, it is very common to use contrasting colours from the main deck to the picture frame of the deck. The Trex brochure offers some nice examples of this.

  • Can I rip a trex board down?
    You can certainly rip down the width of the board to suit the deck size that you have but you should never attempt to rip down the thickness of the deck board which will jeopardise the integrity of the product and invalidate the warranty.

  • Can Trex be installed over existing decking or a solid surface?
    Trex should always be installed onto timber supports rather than directly down onto a solid surface as the product should be allowed to breath.

  • Can I span two board butted together on an end lap with the same hidden fixings?
    This is a big no, no! Sufficient end gaps should be left which will allow for expansion and contraction. Hidden fixings should be used at the ends of both boards that are but jointed and never should the same fixing cover the two boards.

  • How do I clean Trex decking?
    The easiest way is to pressure wash your deck using the fan tip at no higher than 3100 psi at a distance no closer than 200mm (8inches). Trex can also be scrubbed with soft bristle brush if preferred. (For really stubborn marks we have found that Cillit bang works wonders and will not cause any lasting damage to the surface capping of the deck!)

  • What do I use around the fascia/skirt of my deck?
    Standard deck boards can be used around the fascia of a deck and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Trex also manufacture specific ‘Fascia Board’ which are wider and thinner and should be installed using fascia screws.  Note that Southern Sheeting do not stock these fascia boards and they would be ordered in specially for your project which will result in longer lead times.

  • Can Trex Decking be curved?
    You may notice that in some Trex brochures it shows curved deck boards. This can be achieved using a ‘Trex Custom Curve machine’. There are currently only a couple of Trex Pro installers in the UK who own these machines and so if this is a requirement you would need to discuss your options with them directly.  

  • Can I order samples of Trex Decking?
    Yes, samples can be ordered through the Arbordeck website here:

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