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PVC Rooflights


Vistalux is a range of the finest quality transparent profiled PVC sheets. It is the ideal material for a wide variety of applications.
Marvec is available in three gauges - Lightweight 0.8mm (0.032") thick, Heavyweight 1.1mm (0.044") thick and Superweight which is 1.3mm (0.051") thick and conforms to BS4203.

PVC is a very versatile yet cost effective rooflighting and glazing material.
Marvec combines fine optical clarity and excellent fire performance with good workability.

Excellent fire performance : PVC is a self extinguishing material which will melt away from the flames stopping as soon as the source is removed

An extensive range of thicknesses, weights, finishes and profiles ensure that there is a material for every application, which will give years of trouble free service.

Common applications


  Standard Vistalux Heavy Duty Vistalux BS Super Vistalux
Light Transmission % DIN 5036
66% 66% 66%
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion m/m°K
6.8 x 10-5 6.8 x 10-5 6.8 x 10-5
Thermal Properties U Value W/m2°K
5.73 5.67 5.63
Impact Resistance
Drop Ball Test to BS4203 Part 1, 1980
Service Temperature Range
-20°C - +60°C
Fire Performance
Class 1
(BS476 Part 7)
Class 1
(BS476 Part 7)
Class 0
(Building Regulations 1992 Approved Document B)

10 Year Warranty

This product is covered by a 10 year warranty. A replacement is provided free of charge if the product has failed due to a manufacturing defect, in normal climatic conditions within a 10 year period from the date of purchase.

Vistalux MUST be fixed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for the warranty to remain valid : re-erections or consequential damage costs are not included.