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Our delivery service operates Monday to Friday only. We do not deliver to particular areas of the country on set days therefore your delivery could be on any weekday. We always try to give at least 24 hours of notice before delivery however this is not always possible. We will not leave goods at the delivery address without someone to take receipt for them. If a delivery has been arranged with you and you fail to have a person on-site to receive the delivery, we reserve the right to postpone the delivery and reschedule for a later date, at our convenience. Our drivers are instructed to wait no more than 30 minutes to be unloaded. If our vehicles fail to be unloaded in this time then again, we reserve the right to postpone the delivery and reschedule at our convenience.

Time of Delivery
Our vehicles will deliver from 7:30am and in most cases you will receive your delivery before 2pm. Our delivery vehicles multi-drop throughout each day and because of this we are unable to give a precise time of delivery. If asked, we will attempt to give a reasonable estimated time of delivery, on the day of delivery. However please bear in mind that other factors such as traffic and delayed off-loading at previous drops can leave us running late.

We operate with a broad range of delivery vehicles (ranging from large vans through to articulated lorries) and we cannot guarantee which vehicle will make your delivery unless you specify any delivery issues at the point of ordering. Any restrictions brought to our attention after the point of ordering may have an impact on the delivery time.


Our drivers will make every effort to carry out the delivery however, if they are unable to reach the site through lack of access or safety, then we reserve the right not to make the delivery and either reschedule for a later date at our convenience or insist the goods are taken to another address or collected. Whist this is an extremely rare occurrence we must ensure that we abide with any laws applicable and that our drivers are not put at any risk in carrying out their duties.

Our vehicles do not have mechanical off-loading facilities (cranes, mounted fork-trucks etc.). As a condition of sale customers are required to assist our drivers with the unloading of materials either by hand or by other mechanical means.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure:

  1. There is another person (or persons) to assist the driver at the time the delivery is made. The required number of people is dependant on the nature of the materials being delivered. We can advise on the weight of materials prior to delivery.
  2. . If using mechanical off-loading facilities that they are in good, safe working order and are capable & rated for lifting of the load. We can arrange to have good delivered in maximum bundle weight providing this is done at the point of order. Further, we can advise on the weight of materials prior to delivery.

Many goods will be supplied with packaging products such as strapping, cover & carrier sheets, protective boards, paper & films and foam materials. These materials are part-and-parcel of the order and as such will be delivered with your goods. Regrettably we are unable to take away any packaging materials and they will be left with the goods, to be disposed of by the customer.

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