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Quotations & Estimates

All quotations are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated

With basic enquiries we are normally able to provide you with prices and availability straightaway. With out-of-the-ordinary or more complex enquiries we may need to investigate further before being able to provide you with prices. In these instances we aim to return your enquiry with 24 hours at the most.

However there may be cases where we need to spend a great deal of time constructing a quotation and this may take several days to schedule into our normal workload. On these occasions we will keep you regularly informed on the progress of your enquiry.

We understand that there is a great deal of choice when choosing a type of roofing system and so we will be happy to provide different quotations for the same job.

By Telephone:

With telephone enquiries we will quote you verbally with no follow-up written quotation unless you specifically request one. Should you require a written quotation we can send you one via fax, email or post.

Note: With verbal enquiries we strongly recommend you make a note of the date you were quoted and the member of staff you spoke to.

By Fax:

We can send you a written quotation by fax providing you supply us with an operational fax line. If you have a combination telephone/fax machine please ensure the fax function is switched over. We are able to follow up a faxed quotation via post should you request one. If the documents are available we can also fax you technical data, brochure pages and other such documentation at your request.

By Post:

We can send you a written quotation by post providing you supply us with a full postal address.

By Email:

For relatively straightforward enquiries we are able to supply you with a written quotation via email. Where appropriate we can/may include scanned images/drawings/sketches etc. which we will send in a PDF format. Please be aware that email, like other forms of communication, is not secure, so if appropriate, please ensure you take the necessary steps to safeguard any confidential information supplied. Further, it cannot always be guaranteed that an email we send will always reach its intended destination. We do not always request a system delivery receipt, so if you do not receive a reply from us, within an acceptable period of time, please contact us again. We may have responded to your request but the email has gone astray.

In Person:

You may, of course, visit our offices during normal working hours and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry over the counter. We can provide you with a written quotation over the counter, providing we have all the information available to do so. Again, it would be helpful if you could telephone prior to arrival to ensure a member of staff will be available to see you. We suggest you try to avoid lunch breaks (12:30pm-2:30pm) as the number of available sales staff is greatly reduced.

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