87mm dia, Steel Downpipe Holder - Anthracite Grey 7016

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  •  87mm Anthracite Grey Prelaq Steel Pipe Holder designed to offer a good downpipe installation on the front part of the building.
  • Fixes downpipe to building facade
  • Also known as downpipe brackets or pipe clips
  • "Click" type locking system
  • Can be fixed through wings to stand off the building, or cut the wings off to fix through the back of the holder
  • Conceals the joints between two downpipes
  • Colour coated in RAL 7016
  • Maximum spacings at 1.5m between brackets.  (usually supply 2 x brackets per 3m downpipe)
Please watch the Roofart installation video and forward to 4mins and 5 secs to see how the downpipe holders are fixed

Dimensions (see drawing): 
  • Dim A - 87mm
  • Dim B - 125mm
  • Dim C - 80mm
  • Dim D - 90mm
  • Dim E - 30mm


  • Height - 80mm
  • Fixing Arm Hole Centres (unadjusted) - 90mm
  • Material - SSAB Greencoat Prelaq colour coated steel
  • Material Thickness - 0.7mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty - 15 Years


  • Stylish branded design
  • Firm click fit grip around pipe
  • Multiple fixing methods
  • Hard wearing painted finish (Swedish SSAB Colourcoat Steel Coil) 
  • 15 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Fully recyclable product 


  • How many steel downpipe holders will I need?
    RoofArt downpipe holders are required to be spaced no more than 1.5m apart. As a general rule you should include 2 steel downpipe clips per 3m length of downpipe.

  • How do I install steel downpipe holders?
    There are various ways to mount to the RoofArt downpipe holder to the wall depending on what surface you are mounting to. Please watch the RoofArt installation video for different option on wall mounting. To secure the downpipe into the holder simply clasp the two halves together until the teeth lock together. Note that the grip around the pipe is very tight and can need some force to ensure the teeth lock into place properly.

  • How do I remove a steel downpipe from the holder?
    In order to release the grip from the holder you will need to carefully insert a flat head screwdriver into the clasp to unlock and release the holder from the pipe.

  • How can I offset the pipe further from the wall?
    There are two ways to mount the pipe holder further from the wall. 1) Cut the wings off the holder and use a long pan head screw with sleeve through the pack of the holder directly into the wall. 2) Create timber blocks to pack out the gap from wall to pipe holder.

  • Can I fix the downpipe holder to corrugated or box profile steel sheeting?
    Yes, by lining the downpipe up so it runs down the crown of the cladding sheet, you can cut the wings of the pipe holder and rivet it directly to the crown of the profiled sheet.