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 Our ‘how to’ video guides

There’s nothing more valuable than being shown how to install a product to ensure your project goes smoothly – and that’s exactly what we offer through our popular YouTube channel.

As a family business with more than 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on knowing our stuff.

So, you can be certain of the very best advice from people who live and breathe the products we stock and supply.

Our friendly experts are the core of our business and always happy to offer advice in person.

Now you can have access to them 24 hours a day through our ‘how to’ videos.

These demonstrate  the best way to install our most popular products across roofing, cladding, guttering, garden and landscaping.

The videos cover a wide range of projects, including: 

  • How to install composite cladding
  • How to install Hardie Plank
  • How to install trimline gutters
  • Hot to fix insulating roof panels
  • How to install flashings and associated sealants
  • How to fit trimline gutters

They also feature more general advice such as:

  • How to measure for your insulated roof panel project.
  • Animated guides to fixing steel profile sheets
  • Benefits of RoofArt galvanised steel guttering
  • How to tell which profiled fibre cement ridge is right for your project
  • The benefits of fibre cement guttering
  • The benefits of WPC Bison composite fencing
  • The benefits of TREX composite decking

You’ll also find an introduction to Southern Sheeting and a video on why you should buy from us.

It’s worth mentioning that are here for everyone, whether you are in the trade or a budding DIYer.

Why not take a look and get to know us a bit better


Find out more about Southern Sheeting from our team

An introduction to Southern Sheeting

Roofing Video Guides

Animated Fitting Guide - Box Profile Steel Sheets

Advice about Insulated Composite Panels from Southern Sheeting

How to fix insulated roofing panels with their correct fixings

How to install trimline gutters to metal roofing

How to install flashings and their associated sealants and fillers

How to establish the dimensions of a profiled sheet

How to measure for your insulated roof panel project

Onduline roofing and wall cladding with Southern Sheeting

How to apply lap mastic to Insulated panels

How to choose finish options for steel sheets

How to ensure the correct compression of fixings

What are FAIRs Rooflights | Factory Assembled Insulated Rooflights

How to fit FAIRs rooflights by Southern Sheeting

What you need to know about GRP Rooflights from Southern Sheeting

All you need to know about anti- Condensation Sheets

Advantages of cold rolled galvanised steel purlins with Southern Sheeting

How to tell which Profiled Fibre Cement Ridge is right for you

All you need to know about anti- Condensation Sheets


A guide to installing HardiePlank® VL interlock cladding

James Hardie Guide to installing HardiePlank®

A Guide to Installing Composite Cladding Corners

What is Bison Composite Cladding from Southern Sheeting?

A Guide to Installing Bison Composite Cladding

A Guide to Cutting Bison Composite Cladding

How to install Bison Composite Batten Cladding around Windows and Doors

Onduline roofing system and wall cladding with Southern Sheeting


How to install trimline gutters to metal roofing

Benefits of RoofArt Galvanised Steel Guttering

The Benefits of Fibre Cement Guttering with Southern Sheeting

Garden and landscaping

Benefits of Trex Composite Decking

Benefits of WPC Bison Composite Fencing