Lap Mastic, 5mm wide x 6mm thick, 9.6m per Roll

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£5.62 Incl. VAT

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  • 6mm x 5mm Roll of Butyl Rubber Lap Mastic Sealant 
  • For use with Metal roof sheeting and Profile 3 Fibre Cement Sheeting.
  • 9.6m per Roll
  • Designed to stop water from tracking between the gaps created by end and side laps which could otherwise form a leak or damp roof.
  • Does not set hard like other sealants so allows for expansion and contraction of the material to ensure the watertight seal.
  • A Grade, Long Lasting Material
  • Grey Colour

How to apply lap mastic to Insulated panels

  • Product Type - Lap mastic roll
  • Size - 9.6m (L) x 5mm (W)
  • Thickness - 6mm
  • Colour - Grey
  • Weight - 0.4kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty - 20 years


  • Ideal for sealing side and end laps on steel and GRP sheets
  • Allows for expansion
  • Tape design makes installation easy 
What is lap mastic for?
  • Lap mastic is used on the side lap of sheets where they meet another sheet as well as End Laps on roof systems where more than one sheet down the slope is required.

Is it required?
  • Yes, without it the side lap and end lap are likely to attract moisture and leak.

How is it applied?
  • This comes as a roll similar to double sided tape, you stick the one side down and peel off the paper tape before putting the next sheet over the top.

How much do I need?
  • Work out how many Linear Meters you require (Sheet Length x Number of sheet joints) THEN divide by 6 to get the quantity of rolls you require.

How many lines of mastic do I need for end laps (more than one sheet down the slope joining)
  •      You will require 2 x lines of mastic on each end lap joint.

How does this ‘Set’ when dried?
  •      This product does not fully set and is self drying, this allows for expansion and contraction of the roof system during different temperatures.



How to apply lap mastic to Insulated panels