Profile 6, 2-Piece Adjustable Ridge, Outer Half Only, Plain Wing

Profile 6, 2-Piece Adjustable Ridge, Outer Half Only, Plain Wing Read more...
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£17.96 Incl. VAT

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  • Used together with an Inner half piece, they create a ridge for the Profile 6 Fibre Cement Sheets.
  • The design of the ridge has a flat 'Plain' wing, this can be useful when one side of the roof is NOT Profile 3 or you require  a gap underneath.
  • The angle of your roof does not matter, these can be adjusted to suit the pitch perfectly.
  • Fibre Cement is most commonly fitted to agricultural and industrial roofs as well as garages.
  • Southern Sheeting also supply Fibre Cement Sheets in both Profile 3 and Profile 6, Ridges, External Corners as well as fixings into Timber and Steel, including Hookbolts.
  • Coverage - 1016mm
  • Profile - Profile 6/Big Six
  • Type - Outer Half Plain Wing
  • Material - Fibre Cement
  • Colour - Natural Grey
  • CE Cert - CE/FP/001
  • Weight - 6.35kg 


  • Plain wing, not profile specific, ideal for roofs where fibre cement is only one side OR where the profile is unkown
  • With an inner half, this adjusts to match any roof pitch (ideal if the pitch is not known)
  • Long lasting fibre cement (life expectancy of 25 years)
  • Fibre cement does not condensate
  • Etex fibre cement is semi compressed, meaning it can absorb more moisture
  • Durable, rust and rot resistant to any chemical influence
  • The ONLY British manufacturer of fibre cement roof sheet products
  • We stock all fibre cement sheets, accessories and fixings
  • Natural Grey colour is a Neutral colour


  • What else do I need?
    You will need to purchase the Inner half separately to make a Full Ridge.
    Fixing wise, you use the same fixings that you would for the Fibre Cement Sheets which these are fixing to.

  • Why is this a Two-Piece product?
    This ridge is designed in two half’s mainly due to its design allowing you to adjust them to the correct angle, whilst still maintaining the useful properties of Fibre Cement.

  • I have installed these, and the underside appears to have damp patches or is leaking, what should I do?
    Part of the natural curing of a Fibre Cement product is that it soaks up more moisture for up to 6 months after it is installed, this creates damp looking patches which would show in random parts on the underside of the product, these may be damp to touch but should not drip. These damp patches may move about.
    If the product is leaking and dripping or very damp, there may be an issue with sealing or a fixing, check that sheets are Mitred and that the correct mastic has been used in the correct Lap and End Lap joints of the sheet / fibre cement product. Alternatively, check if the leak is specifically around a fixing point, indicating the fixing is too tight or too loose.

  • What material is this?
    Semi-Compressed Fibre Cement in its natural grey finish.

  • Are these asbestos?
    Fibre Cement does NOT contain asbestos fibres as traditionally used in manufacture of similar products, instead the material is made with a synthetic fibre.