Universal Gully for Steel Gutter

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PVC Universal Gully Piece
  • Junction point to connect to underwater drainage 
  • Can be used with Elastic bend 
  • Use a drainage connector to give a neat connection between gully and rainwater pipe 

  • Length - 300mm
  • Width - 163mm
  • Depth - 202mm
  • Underground Outlet Diameter - 110mm
  • Material - Plastic 
  • Neat finish drainage fitting
  • Easy access door (to remove debris)
  • Different diameter markings for easy installation
  • Available in 2 shades of grey


  • What is a PVC gully used for?
    The Roofart PVC gully is designed to transition the water from the downpipe into the underwater drainage pipe.  These units have access holes and built in filters to easily remove debris when needed.

  • How do I install the gully?
    The gully needs to be buried into the ground and cemented in place.  An elastic elbow is used to join the gully piece to the 110mm diameter underground pipe.  There are rings on the lid of the gully that need to be cut according to the downpipe size being used.

  • Can I use different pipe sizes with the gully?
    Yes, Both RoofArt 87mm and 100mm pipes are designed to work with the PVC gully, along with other diameter pipes from other manufactures if needed.

  • How can I access the inside of the gully to clear it out?
    The gully top comes as a two-part lid.  It can be opened just as the front lid which will give easy access to the internal filter.  If you install a RoofArt drainage connector which is easily lifted then the back half of the lid can also be removed to gain further easy access to the back of the gully.

  • Does the gully come in different colours?
    Yes, This gully comes in two colours.  A light grey which is generally supplied with our plain galvanised gutter or a dark anthracite grey colour which is usually supplied with our black or dark grey gutter systems.  Of Course, the colour choice for the gully may also be determined by the surrounding floor material so it blends in better