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200mm dia., Stop End Outlet to 150mm Downpipe for Half Round Gutter, Fibre Cement, Natural Grey

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Technical Specifications

  • Gutter Size - 200mm
  • Outlet Diameter - 150mm
  • Material - Fibre Cement
  • Colour - Natural Grey
  • CE Cert - CE/FP/001
  • Weight - 2.44kg 
  • For use with 200mm Fibre Cement Gutter for the water to flow into a 150mm Diameter Fibre Cement Downpipe at the end of a gutter run (if you need an outlet in the middle see Running Outlet
  • Fibre Cement is most commonly fitted to agricultural and industrial roofs as well as garages.
  • Southern Sheeting also supply Fibre Cement Gutters (125mm, 150mm and 200mm), Stop Ends and Outlets, Downpipes as well as Swan Necks and all fixtures and fittings to allow for a complete system to be quoted.
  • Pre-drilled holes for joining with fibre cement gutters
  • 200mm to 150mm stop end outlet
  • Stops a gutter run with an outlet in one
  • Long lasting fibre cement (life expectancy of 25 years)
  • Fibre cement does not condensate
  • Etex fibre cement is semi compressed, meaning it can absorb more moisture
  • Durable, rust and rot resistant to any chemical influence
  • The ONLY British manufacturer of fibre cement gutters
  • We stock all fibre cement gutter and related accessories
  • Natural Grey is a neutral colour 

What is a stop end outlet?
A Stop End Outlet changes the flow of water in a Fibre Cement Gutter and allows it to run into a Fibre Cement Downpipe or Swan Neck Bend. It also stops the gutter run, for this reason, this piece is only used at the end of a Fibre Cement Guttering run 

What downpipe will fit this outlet?
A 150mm (6 inch) Fibre Cement Downpipe or Swan next will fit this outlet, these are supplied socketed, so there is no requirement for a socket)

What else do I need?
To install this to a Fibre cement gutter, you will require a Butyl Joining Pad (Or 50mm Wide Mastic) to join onto the gutter, You will also require an M8 Gutter Bolt and a Hole Seal Kit. 

What are the options?
The 125mm (5 inch) Gutter only has a 100mm (4 inch) outlet option, as do 150mm (5 inch), 200mm (8 inch) gutters have the option of a 100mm or 150mm outlet. 

My gutter measures wider than 125mm (5 inch) but less than 150mm (6 inch), why is that?
A lot of people make the mistake of measuring the outside dimension of the gutter, with fibre cement gutters, measure from inside to inside.

What material is this?
Semi-Compressed Fibre Cement in its Natural Grey Finish.

Are these asbestos?
Fibre Cement does NOT contain asbestos fibres as traditionally used in manufacture of similar products, instead the material is made with a synthetic fibre.  

Why fibre cement?
Fibre Cement also has a very long life expectancy of 25 years, although the material will often exceed this lifespan.

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