Trex Vs Other Decking Types

Tuesday 17th August 2021

Trex® Vs Hollow Composite Decking Comparison

There are lots of composite decking boards currently available on the UK market. These products vary wildly in price and quality. This decking comparison will explain why.
At the cheaper end of the market you will find ‘Hollow Composite Decking’. Hollow boards have a honeycombed cross section and are much lighter. Far less material is used in the manufacture of these boards. As such, hollow composite is of inferior quality to Trex®. Hollow board decks have far less durability and are highly susceptible to fading, staining and delamination.

A growing number of suppliers are distributing poor quality hollow composite decks in the UK. These cheaper boards have been manufactured in the Far East, and not only will these decks require more sub frame support, but they are often not suitable for the UK’s changeable climate. Consequently hollow composite decks will not offer the longevity you should expect from a composite product. Cheaper boards will also offer very ‘loose’ warranty terms and have almost non-existent product support. Trex® on the other hand offers a solid warranty, has nationwide reps available to inspect installed projects, and comes with a wealth of information both printed and online.

Trex® Vs Other Composite Decking Comparison

There are also some poor quality solid decking boards finding their way onto the UK market. It is not easy to distinguish the good from the bad when it comes to solid composite decking as you can’t tell what material or what ratio of materials they are putting into the core of the product just by looking at it. You do however get a good gauge of quality from the outer finish of the board.

The best quality composite decking boards will be ‘capped’, this means there is a thin shell layer of protective rubberised material around the outer edges of the board. The capping is noticable though the look and touch of the board. You can also tell how resistant to scratching it is by testing it with a key or similar. Boards without capping or with a poor quality capping should be avoided. Quality capping is fundamental to protection against fade, rot, splintering and scratching. Trex® has put years into research, design and development of their capping which is unrivalled worldwide.

Trex® Vs PVC Decking Comparison

Whilst less common in the UK, PVC decking, like composite decking is a low maintenance product that is resistant to rot and mould. PVC decking however is more likely to expand and contract with changes in temperature than Trex® composite decking.
PVC decking is also far less environmentally friendly as is mostly produced from virgin plastics unlike Trex® which contains 95% recycled material.

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