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Bison Composite Fence Planks

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Technical Specifications

  • Length - 1800mm
  • Overall Width - 162mm
  • Cover Width - 150mm
  • Thickness - 20mm
  • Material - Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)
  • Material Thickness - 3.5mm
  • Colour - 3 colour options (Stone, Anthracite, Coffee)
  • Qty per pack - 3no.
  • Weight - 3.42kg each (10.26kg per pack of 3)
Bison Composite Fence Planks are a lightweight pre-coloured WPC (wood plastic composite) fence plank to be used with the Bison Fencing aluminium posts. Manufactured from 95% recycled material and FSC approved, these planks offer a great long-lasting fence that does not need the regular maintenance that a traditional timber fence would.

Available in 3 colours:  Stone grey, Cinder and Coffee.

Supplied in packs of 3 planks (4 packs of 3 required to achieve a full 1900mm high fence panel)

Each fence plank measures 1800mm long, 162mm wide and 20mm thick.

The finish of the board is a sanded finish which can suit both a modern contemporary garden or a more traditional country look.

The planks are designed to slide down the slots of the fence posts and then finish flush on top of each other with their tongue and groove detail.

Note that 4 packs of 3 planks (12 planks total) are already included in the Fence Kits.  You should only need to buy these packs separately if you are trying to create a custom size fence or if you need to replace planks.
  • Strong and durable materials
  • Planks made from 95% Recycled material
  • Stylish and customisable design
  • 20-year warranty
  • Choice of 3 colours
  • UV resistant
  • Does not rot, splinter, warp or promote fungal growth
  • FSC certificated
  • Low maintenance (no painting of staining required)
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Easily cut with hand tools

What are the Bison Composite Fence Planks made from?
Bison Composite Fencing planks are manufactured in WPC material. WPC stands for ‘Wood Plastic Composite’ which is a combination of Wood fibre and recycled plastic. Bison Composite is manufactured out of 95% recycled material.  The only non-recycled ingredient is the bonding agent that holds it together.

How long will my fence last?
Bison Fencing comes with a 20-year warranty if installed correctly. However, we believe that due to the materials used, your composite fence system should last far longer than the warranty period.

Can I get different colours and finishes?
Currently Bison offers 3 popular colours in a sanded finish. We do not currently offer a woodgrain finish or other colours but let us know if you have any requests and we would consider expanding the range if there was enough interest.

How does Bison Composite Fencing compare on price against timber fencing?
There are many different types and qualities of timber fencing.  Bison is certainly more expensive than the cheap softwood panel fences but makes up with it over time with the cost savings on maintenance and repair. Bison is cheaper than most hardwood fences such as Cedar and can be comparable on price to some of the designer panel and venetian type fences.

Will the fence planks fade in the sun?
Most building materials will change colour in some way, but Bison WPC is very UV stable when compared to most. We allow for a 3% fade within the first 3 months of install and then the planks will hold their colour.

Do I need to cut the fence planks?
For most cases, you would not need to cut the fence planks and will be using the full length to run between the posts. There will however often be a last run to the fence which is not a full 6ft run and needs to be cut down accordingly.  In which case the Bison composite fence blanks can be easily cut down using either a hand wood saw or a circular saw.

Can I buy single planks?
Unfortunately, not. Bison fencing packed and supplied in packs of 3 planks only.

Can I see a sample before I buy?
Yes, we can send you a pack of 3 small samples so that you can compare colours before you buy. We also have several other distributors around the country who have small displays featuring the colours that you may be able to go and see.

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